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    Disney To Buy Lucasfilm For $4.05 Billion

    ya and stars wars VIII 2015
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    Imperial Royal Guard

    hi anyone know of a good how to site for making Imperial Royal Guard robe?
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    boba fett in ottawa

    hi Jeremy Bulloch is going to be in ottawa Ottawa Comiccon - Comic books and pop-culture convention
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    female fett

    hi anyone of the fem fett sulpture?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this weekend up here to Canada
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    female fett

    hi cool thanks for the info
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    female fett

    hi me wifes think of doing a fem fett . i looked for pics of the figure but can only find a few . anyone have more they could post or email me :D
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    Jeremy Bulloch at comic con

    Jeremy Bulloch will be at comic con in montreal and Maria de Aragon The Montreal Comiccon guests - Adam West, James Marsters, Dave Prowse, Micheal Dorn, Sid Haig and many more
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    High Gas Prices -- the truth comes out.

    hi its $1.28/litre up here
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    small oval sterlite cans

    hi i was at home hardware and saw they carrier the small oval garbage cans. i didnt ask but i would think maybe they could also get the large ones
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    glue for flocking

    hi iam re flocking some gi joe heads and want to know what kinda glue i sould use?:thumbsup:
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    for anyone who loves star wars (that's everyone on this forum :D)

    hi sounds cool post some pics love to see it
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    gi joe hair removal

    hi anyone know how to remove the hair off the old fuzzy head joes?
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    glue help

    whats stores carry those kinds?
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    glue help

    cool thanks