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    Chapter 9 Discussion aka Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. (Spoilers within)

    For me, the Boba reveal made my week. I thought it was great considering we were shown the armor. When Djynn was told to find a Mandalorian on Tatooine I lost my ****. But later, when Cobb Vanth took the helmet out and I saw it wasnt Boba, I cried like a little girl thinking he was the Mando...

    Chapter 9 Discussion aka Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen. (Spoilers within)

    I havent logged in here since ages ago -never even uploaded the pictues of my semi-completed ESB build- but I just wanted to share how I cried when I thought Boba was dead at the beginning and how I screamed my heart out of joy at the -I assume- Boba cut at the end. Like damn I was happy. Ready...

    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    Got mine today! Really good work!!! Loved it :) just a bit too narrow but looks good and fabric is very nice :)

    Boba thong?

    I can't be the only one who inmediatly thought about this:

    Disneyland Reconnaissance Report

    Someone tell the staff to replace his soft parts for Arkady's. They're really what stands out as the worst of his fair costume imo.

    Origin of The Dent!

    Long story short: Cad Bane shot him there on a duel.

    ESB Armor Paintup (Model Master & Vallejo Paint)

    Just gonna say this real quick... You da real mvp. Will try to do something similar with my paint job! : )

    Jet Pack Any smaller guys out there?

    Is 5'9 considered small in the US? lol I'm that size and I'm very tall here in Chile haha. Good luck on your search though.

    Recaster Alert: Salamanderking

    Yes, I did not know about that. Was curious :)
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    Recaster Alert: Salamanderking

    Oh, the google search of 'recasting props' that intwenothor suggested.
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    putting on primer

    Oh, didn't know about Mod Podge. I've spend hundreds of hours sanding bondo from my bucket to get it nice and smooth... Could I just have applied that over the smooth cardboard from the beggining? :c
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    Acrylic airbrushing above Rustoleum Enamel.

    Hello everyone. I painted my Bobamaker ESB Gaunts with a base layer of Rustoleum's Enamel Aluminium Color as first layer to start painting above of, so I can do some scratches through Maskol. Thing is, when I painted over it, the acrylic wouldnt stick to the surface. I rubbed the surface of the...
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    Is removing Maskol a must between layers?

    Ty all. I'm airbrushing so I'll do 3 layers at a time :)
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    Is removing Maskol a must between layers?

    Oh but technically it isnt right? I mean, it will still peel off after 5 layers.
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    So what are the best paints to use?

    Enamels are stronger but very toxic to inhale and also if they dry out a bit on the airbrush it will be a pain to clean. I use acrylics. Considering the simple and imprecise colors we deal with, alongside the wide áreas, I don't think its too important to be too picky and get the fancier Tamiyas...