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    roger12RAMJET ROTJ Hero Fett W.I.P.

    Massive improvements from where you started. Your determination and attention to details are truly commendable.
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    "The Book of Boba Fett" inspired TDH Logo

    T-shirt! T-shirt! T-shirt! T-shirt! T-shirt!
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    BoochmaN's ROTJ WIP

    Like Lazerjock , I suggest wearing the harness under the vest and closing the vest up tight. This will determine if your vest is too wide along the shoulders which could explain the bunching up. Your vest sleeves also look like they're a tad too long. The top corners of your shoulder armor are...
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    And here we go: jedisushi's ESB WIP

    Welcome aboard Michael. Your parts list looks great. All the best!
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    Remembering the Legend and our friend Jeremy Bulloch

    I wish I could have met him. Heard so many nice stories about the sweet man.
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    Armor plate fastening

    I'm glad my thread is actually helpful. Here's a more detailed step-by-step post if it helps. All the best babookluke
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    The History of Boba Fett's Costumes

    Signed edition for me please.
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    Deathwatch Westar35 Sidearm (Identified Base)

    Looking forward to your updates
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    Deathwatch Westar35 Sidearm (Identified Base)

    Will you include the base gun stl at some point? Airsoft guns are prohibited in my country and I would love to build one or two of these babies.
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    WIP: ESB build after a decade 'on hold' + ROTJ rebuild

    What were your settings and type of studio lights used for photographing the jetpack with the beacon light on? Typically, the significantly higher power of a studio strobe would 'override' any bulb even at low power. Hence it would be ideal to do the shot in complete darkness and drag the...
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    The Marshal Cobb Vanth Costume Discussion

    Seriously, that shirt is horrible. Casual observations: Collar armor does not attach over the back armor. His jetpack seems to be attached directly to the back armor instead of scuba harness. Notice the Cylon style animation on the top row of his chest display?
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    Blaster Pre Pro 2 Sling Gun build

    Thanks guys!