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    Bossk A New Bossk at the Dented Helmet

    Dan it has been a great time helping you out with a few parts on your Bossk. It's the details that count and you have gone the extra mile to make every little detail for Bossk from your Reptile eyes down to the tallons on your feet. Looking forward to many hunts with you.
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    Suppa Fett RIP

    I have been gone from the TDH for some time, but now I'm back and I'm missing my best friend. Suppa was my "Brother Fett" as he always said to me. We were a pair at all the conventions...roomates and just plain old best buds. This has hit me hard guys and I can barely write this as the tears...
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    Boston Photoshoot 2008

    Love all the pics...very nice. Thanks for sharing.
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    One of ours has fallen...

    What horrible news. The World is just a little less bright today without Nick.
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    I'm in the page 71 Star Wars insider dec 2007

    Very cool. I'm also in the same issue, but just in group pics from C4 and the Rose parade. What a great shot of your Maul costume.
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    Finally!!!! A REAL Casio MQ-1

    One of these years I'll find one. Good deal and nice find.
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    2 TDH members make local Paper

    My Local paper in Clarksville, TN did a write-up on the 501st MidSouth Garrison and came to my house and took a few pictures. One of the best shots has Myself and Ivan "Jaster Blaster" along with a few other garrison mates infront of my Jango & Boba suits...
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    New TDH Shirt from Blastech and TK409!

    Very nice. I'll be getting one.
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    Boba Fett Pre-Pro Eyes Paint Stencils

    Here is my bucket. If you need a stensil of my eyes LMK.
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    All aluminum westar blasters interest

    I'm in only if I can get spare parts. I just need the grips and trigger sections, as my barrels are machined and the rest is resin.
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    The fett in person

    We have a ton of 12 mega pixel shots that are going to blow you guys away. I will try to get them up after AdventureCon.
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    TDH Group photo incostume at C4-SATURDAY 1:30 @ THE TDH TABLE!

    See you at the shoot. I'll be in my pre-pro boba..the one that is my avatar.
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    TDH Group photo incostume at C4-SATURDAY 1:30 @ THE TDH TABLE!

    Do the Slave Leias have a fourm? I have a screen accurate S. Crumb and I was wondering if they need me to bring it.
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    Any plans for a TDH dinner at C4? No? Lets make some!

    I'm getting hungry already. Looking forward to seeing you all.
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    TDH Fan Club Table at C4 Approved-More donations needed!

    A donation sent via Paypal. see you guys soon.