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    Why slave1pilot has been unresponsive and distant.

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family.
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    My custom Mando

    yeah, Mull I turned around one moment and they were cute lil girls... they snapped the pic and they were hairy dudes... - - - Updated - - - Fettstitics, I forgot I had taken these pics... and will probably submit these shortly. I actually do have a seal... just took it off for that day... I...
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    My custom Mando

    Don't remember if I ever posted the completed pics of my Mando... I did get to wear it to Dragon*Con and the Baltimore ComicCon last year...
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    Superjedi's McQuarrie Fett version 2

    Sweet lid!!!!
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    A very Merry Christmas to all TDH'ers

    Same to you Gav!!! I'd like to thank everyone who helped me out over the past year to complete my Mando. I'll be taking pics tomorrow to show the completed look... It's been a few months since I even touched everything at all...
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    The As You Wish Project - An Introduction

    Art and Chris this is outstanding to finally get a chance to sit back and read about. God Bless!!!!
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    Dragon Con 2011 - Anybody going?

    I was ThorMando and the Purple Mando Assassin in the parade... I pretty much did Marvel and DC photo shoots the rest of the weekend until the Masquerade... For the Masquerade I was the Darth Malgus looking Sith who beheaded the Pure Sith I think we were number 26...
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    Thanks guys... I have to get rid of the gut eventually... Pushed my belts down... I had a blast though, and didn't feel bad wearing the kit from 7am until 5:30pm...
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    Two pics from this past weekend at the Baltimore ComicCon....
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    It's a straight custom... I just posted the thread in the wrong section when I started out with the helmet...
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    Tatooine Sith Stalker Pictures

    The costume looks great... With weathering and dirtying up of the clothes don't be afraid to use heavier browns and black... They also will not always show in pics unless its upclose... so do not be discouraged...
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    My Jango WIP.....NOW FINISHED

    Looks outstanding!!!
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    Thanks. I'm going to close up the gaps a bit as was recommended to me, and then do another test fit...
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    Have the Asok ILM in hand... This is now a WIP

    After a lil wait for my vest and jumpsuit and a couple of shots of dye... My vest and jumpsuit are almost ready for Dragon*Con... Here is a shot of the vest. Have to work out the snaps for the back plate...
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    any updates on gloves?