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    Want to Buy Vintage long scope 4x20 for Boba Fett EE-3 Blaster, ESB

    What do these scopes usually sell for?
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    My ESB Vader build

    Great job from a fellow 5'10.5" Vader :)
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    MCR-ESB Ear Prep and Fitting

    Thank you for posting this. It is super helpful.
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    For Sale The Mandalorian - Deathwatch Armor Kit

    Never mind.
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    For Sale Wasted Fett Fugly Helmets

    I would like to.
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    For Sale Wasted Fett Fugly Helmets

    Thank you for the responses, much appreciated. As expensive as these things are, I wanted to only get one whether I end building a whole suit, or just having a helmet to display :)
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    For Sale Wasted Fett Fugly Helmets

    So, for the sake of someone just starting to learn about Fett, can you guys make this clear for me. If I want to build an ESB Fett, can I be approved with the MC/RS lineage cast, or would I have to get a Fugly? Man, I am confused, thanks.
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    Who makes the best Mandalorian Bucket?

    Thank you for posting this info, as this is the first time I have seen mentioned that the JSIN helmet is based on the Great Ape Studios file by Darren Pattenden. I was planning on trying to get on the next run, so I just want to confirm that this is the case, that it is the GAS pattern. Thanks...
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    Bobamaker Mandalorian Helmet

    That repaint is amazing! Thank you for sharing and posting the comparison with Anovos. I think this has helped me decide which helmet to get.
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    Anovos Mandalorian Helmet

    NM, I found measurements.
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    Anovos Mandalorian Helmet

    For those of you that have the Anovos, would you mind posting the dimensions, or if there is a link to the numbers could post that (I can't find any). I am just interested in the opening size (front to back, side to side). I am on Bobamaker's list and am leaning towards his after reading reviews.
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    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    PM sent. Thank you!