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    New and need info on how to do the Zam costume

    It's best you break it down into parts So helmet Undersuit Vest Greeblies Shoes And then tackle it that way A total minefield for you otherwise. A cool costume :)
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    Palpatine Cane & Clasp

    Hello, I have one of these for sale, if anyone is after one? Ta John :)
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    Soft Parts technical issue = belt

    Becky got a thick leather belt and looped the skirts leather thongs over that. She wear that as a skirt belt combo then the Zam umberbund goes over the leather belt :) Sew or glue a strip of thick leather behind the Zam cumberbund to give it some strengh for when you hang the holster etc off...
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    Ready, Set, ZAM! (build wip)

    Here's another pic of a real Zam in a different light Looks different to the exhibit shots....?
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    Are These the Right Boots?

    They are the correct boots yes. But Zam had brown ones. Easy to fix :)
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    Zam costume theory: Butt pillows

    I thought it must just be something to stop the skirt folding in on itself? If it kept falling out, surely they'd just hook it rather than using weights to stop it coming out?
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    Does anyone else weather their stuff like I do?

    I've been known to scrub my decking with a coarse brush, throw water down on top of it and rub my snowie costumes hem all over it :) This gives a great dirty realistic stain on the edges of cloth. Take rough sandpaper and tea bags to corner pieces too
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    Accurate ESB E11 blaster/Greeblies - at last, a source

    First post edited to show upgrade from part of his kit (I'd already made some myself ages ago :) )
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    Accurate ESB E11 blaster/Greeblies - at last, a source

    Hello chaps As some of you may know the E11s in each on the OT films changed with each film. ESB has it's own variation of the E11 with some very weird and oddly shaped greeblies. Most people just use what ever blaster they can find but now we can all obtain the correct looking greeblies...
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    Seattle Zam Found Fatigue Age for parts of costume

    Me and Becky or should I say, Becky and I plan to revamp her Zam soon :) Tough costume to stay in shape for 100% of the time so we'll try to make it more fogiving and more comfortable to wear. I've seen some of her deep velcro cuts after a days trooping and it doesn't look fun. I may even...
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    Yeah I know you guys paint them brown, I'm saying brown versions do exist....if you can find them :)
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    These are the ones me and Becky had to do hers yes, but they should be brown right? They must be ankle boots and not go any higher as they wouldn't fit inside the shin gauntlet properly
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    Skirt Lacing - pic request

    It's looking nice!! :) Great colours Only thing I will say is all your squares seem the shape...?
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    Weapons Zam rifle conversion parts?

    Hi guys. not been on here for a while Becky's parts (Langsuir666 Zam outfit thread) was made by Ian Sutton from the UKG I haven't spoken to him for a while I do have 2 scope ends left from his initial run in the house (he also made Becky an Ali Zam blaster)...
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    Hello from the UK

    Hi Natalie Me and Becky (langsuir666) are both members of the UKG and have a very helpful (I hope) thread on our build of Beckys Zam Good luck with your build John :)