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    inspirational posters

    Yeah! Like motivational posters! I like the black border/framing with inspirational thoughts. I'm working on a completely unrelated project (fitness) and was looking for this exact sort of thing. Thanks, bud! :cheers Glad you're already on my friends list. :)
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    inspirational posters

    Some time ago, Star Wars/BH posters were created with inspirational quotes underneath. I think Chris Bartlett may have even started the thread or at least created some of the posters. I believe the thread is in this forum but I can't find it. Can anyone help me find it please? Thank you. :)
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    Guy on eBay recasted my shin tools MOW

    The Dent, Thank you for your reply. I digress. Mirax, thank you for responding to me as well, when you really didn't owe me an explanation. Best wishes.
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    Guy on eBay recasted my shin tools MOW

    I don't know who's in Reno. I DO know that Jeff does not live in Reno, does not have a business in Reno, does not own the above named plastic business, does not own any kind of business either. Baptist, with all due respect, if Jeff really intended legal action, I'm sure he'd be smarter than to...
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    Guy on eBay recasted my shin tools MOW

    Hi Mirax, I understand your position and I respect that completely. I'm left to wonder about the possibility (and it really wouldn't surprise me) of Jeff being impersonated. I know that his ebay account has been hacked into before because someone sold a motorcycle using his account. At the time...
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    Guy on eBay recasted my shin tools MOW

    I haven't been on this site for a while, now, but I just ran across this thread and I personally have known Jeff for years. He is a fine, good natured person and a man of honor who would give the shirt off his back to a total stranger. I am disheartened to read about the things that were said...
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    Official: Halloween pictures thread

    Lots of cool costumes! Here's me as Zorro:
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    My pic beats your pic..

    No more tippex thinner...
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    DSD - Stormtrooper Quote T-Shirt Interest Thread...

    That's me. Preston and I maintained regular contact a while back and coordinated participation in a charitable event each September for children with Downs Syndrome. Last year was the last time I chatted with him, what with his divorce and all. We've spoken on the phone before but his number is...
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    Which phone should I get?

    Why bother with contracts? Decide which phone you like, then get it on places like ebay and put your SIM card in the new one. Voila. No new contract fees, etc. Just the price of a new phone with the same service (assuming you're happy with it).
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    Funny vid

    hahah, I like the x-wings falling apart on the lawn. :lol:
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    Fire Fire Fire

    Very cool! Now you gotta do that for the rest of us! :D
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    Is this a good start...

    I started my Jango back in 2003 and I'm still fine tuning it. :lol:
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    Mandalore's Pendant Interest

    Wow, very cool! I'm sorry I missed out on this.
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    Clonetrooper upgrades

    Very cool! That makes me want to build one right now!