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    Ironman chest

    Tis true. It's going on all over. I guess that people are coming here due to the skills that people have on this board. If you're going to ask a question you might as well ask those who know how to get things done. And let's face it, There's talent here in abundance. :)
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    Ironman chest

    Go to the and in the search function type in Dancin-fools pep files. You'll find a brilliant set of pdo files. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Yet another Iron man question! :-Motorised faceplate

    Thanks mrfister. This should prove most helpful. Cheers :)
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    Yet another Iron man question! :-Motorised faceplate

    Hello guys. Has anyone here managed to figure out how to make the faceplate on an Iron Man helmet, open and close automatically? I know someone called Masterle has done it, but I've been banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out. Worm drives, Servos, Motors. But nothing seems to be...
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    RUSTED AT AT !!! Amazing !!!

    Tis a thing of beauty I tell ye.....A thing of beauty. Oh, and Tankboy. Look again.... It has 3 legs :oP
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    My V2.0 Bucket!!

    Not sure how I missed this. That is one cool design. I do like it when folk take the standard bucket in a different direction. Nice going :)
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    Me in my finished (mostly) beskar!

    Gotta say that I was not a fan of that shiny orange armour when I first saw it. But now that you've dirtied it down it looks great! Very cool.
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    I suspect that the rest of the costume will never materialise seeing as Novall Talon states he's been gone from the prop making scene for over a year.
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    Better paint than acrylic?

    I used rattle cans for my armour and then matt coated the lot. I've had very little damage occur when out and about in my armour. The only problem I found when doing the layered method on my armour with cans was paint not sticking to previous layers despite being the same brand.
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    Finemolds Slave 1 : Boba Swede Style (Customized)

    If ever there was a good time to start building mine it's now. I love the painting techniques you've used and will be following your lead. I won't be going down the L.E.D/Fibre optic route as my electronic skills blow in so many ways, but I can apply paint. :) Please post more pics and a rundown...
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    I've been kickin around here for over a year and not seen this thread before. An old one it may be. But worthwhile resurrecting as that lid really is the dingo's danglers!! :)
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    New here with some questions.

    The purple stuff you're refering to is masking fluid. It comes in purple but you can also get it in biege and is made by Windsor & Newton. Avaidable in all good art shops. As for the purple stuff. I'm not sure who produces that, I'm sure someone who knows will chime in. :)
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    First Turkish 'Boba Fett'

    That's looking cool. Post more pics when you get em. And I think I'm the only Fett in Korea.
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    need help on first mando

    This is kinda vague. If you could give some more info about what you want to create and what parts you need help with, then maybe we could point you in the right direction. My first suggestion is look at the custom mando threads. There's plenty of stuff to get you started. :)
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    What materials used to build the helmet?

    You are most welcome. :) :)