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    Tactical Mando

    I’m just so proud of how this is turning out I’ll be working on my Jango Fett cosplay next - but I’m waiting for pieces to get here.. but this.. I’m pretty excited about I hope y’all like it
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    Attaching armor

    Hello all - well - my DIY tactical mandalorian costume was an epic fail - it looked way too masculine and I hated it.. (insert big sigh) I have ordered a set of armor (female Jango Fett style) by now - I don’t know how to attach the armor to the suit.. does anyone happen to have any advice for...
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    Worried that..

    So - for now - I just want to create a costume for TikTok - eventually I would like to create a Mando-Merc approved costume (but that is definitely going to take time) - the helmet I have picked out is from Amazon - but it’s one of those Halloween style helmets - I’m not sure where to start when...
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    Shiny paint?

    I’m not sure if this has already been asked but - once my helmet gets here (I ordered mine from Amazon) I plan on painting it to match my armor.. I would like to make some parts shiny.. but what kind of paint do I use for this? I watched a YouTube channel where someone had used some kind of...
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    Worried that..

    Thank you so much for your response - so in short .. yes.. lol - I would love to (eventually) be recognized by the 501st - but for now - it will be for creating content on TikTok and Instagram - I would like (eventually) to have a full on mandalorian style (501st appropriate) costume - over time...
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    Worried that..

    Hey all - I’m totally new at mandolorian build and I’m new to the dented helmet as well - I’m creating my Mando costume from pieces I’m putting together from places like Amazon (for instance my chest / body armor is from air soft armor) - am I going to be laughed off the face of the planet...
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    Mandalorian first timer

    Hello all - first, thank you for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to read my thread - I’m new at building a mandalorian cosplay but not new to cosplay - I have been cosplaying for approximately 6 years and have dabbled in many cannon and non cannon (OC) characters - one character...