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    Shaving my head for cancer.

    Hair today, gone tomorrow!!! If anyone wants to donate any amount, it would be appreciated. As I told my Facebook friends, if a bunch of people only gave a dollar, that is still a bunch more money to help.
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    Jango/Mando helmet Gasket/Skirt sign-ups

    I have an MLC-2 since I have a big noggin. Do you know if any of those you mentioned are similar in size or would I need to draw out the helmet for you. Thanks.
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    Solo's OS Jango Build

    Solo, the armor looks great. Love that shade of red.
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    TDH members list (CENSUS) Sharing personal info....

    Mike Riemma Westmont, IL I'm on Facebook.
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    Finally a few pictures of My long overdue Boba.

    You look great. Nice work.
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    Shaving my head for cancer.

    On March 6th I will be particpating in the annual St. Baldricks event. This is a day where particpants try to raise money and show their solidarity with the children who have lost their hair fighting pediatric cancer. I realize times are hard, and you probably already give to charities already...
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    Where is everyone from?

    SOL 3 in Mutter's Spiral (though once you land there, I'm in the Western burbs of Chicago)
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    Official Pix display ideas!

    Great collection you have there DW.
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    I remember seeing pictures of someone (maybe at DC) that had a transforming costume too, of Prowl I think. Wonder how long it took to plan out.
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    The RPF

    The RPF only opens up registration every so often. I'm not sure if you can be invited in by a member but I'll look into it and see if I can do something for you.
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    Star Wars Names, who has em?

    Before my twins were born, I told people they were going to be named Han and Chewina. :) Unfortunetly they ended up with plain Earth names.
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    Can a dent be added to a non-dented helmet?

    Thanks for that.
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    Can a dent be added to a non-dented helmet?

    Thanks. Just so I understand this properly; I cut a dent sized hole out of the helmet. Then I put the putty into the hole to create the dent. SO the putty will not fall out of the helmet with nothing to hold it up?
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    Boba Fett / Jango Fett Reference DVD's (Let's pay it forward !)

    I'm up for this. I also have one of the Sandtrooper ref disks if requested. I'm in the Chicago burbs.
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    Tie Pilot build question..1st of many

    Hey, if you are on omegawing, you probably already know about the Jolly Roger Squadron. You should try and contact Targ there If anyone can help you, he can. I'm on there as well as Remo TI-1659 He helped me put my TIE together.