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    Hello from Australia!

    I'm up in Rockhampton in QLD (:
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    Jodo Kast Jodo Kast WIP

    Looks great. I wish I had the talent that some of you guys have...
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    Death Watch WIP: My Mauldelorian (Supercommando Captain)

    This is absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see more of this one!
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    Hello from Australia!

    Thanks brother! Can't wait to get my armour and actually start this baby properly.
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    Hello from Australia!

    Hello everyone! I've been around the forums for a while now, but never posted, so I thought I'd drop in and say hi. I'm 22 and have started a ROTJ Fett last year. Sadly, not much to show for it yet as I'm on BM's list for mid this year... But patience is key in this hobby. I've started...
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    Boba Fett Scratch build WIP

    This looks amazing! I'll be following this build for sure.