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    General So now the Son becomes the Father... Jango WIP

    I also like the blues flight suit. Have the postal blue by red cap modified on the neck and sleeves. As far as the paint I use duplicolor royal blue and krylon shortcuts ocean blue Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
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    How to fill hollow FG

    The Chicago screws in jb weld seems like our would work work a lot less weight and effort. Thanks I think I will try that route. I knew you guys would help Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
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    How to fill hollow FG

    I have an MLC1 jango bucket that has hollow FG ears. I want to fill those ears and add a threaded tee nuts to be able to screw them onto the bucket. What is the best material to pour and fill them with? Thought out kwik foam but I want something a little more solid. Epoxy? Bondo? LMK what...
  4. bh3388 no helmet

    bh3388 no helmet

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    Helmet Cruzer helmet assembly and visor installation

    Sorry if I am being dumb here. If you are putting the brad tee nut up against the fiberglass how are you getting the visor to flush to the fiberglass as well. Wouldn't there be a gap due to the post? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
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    Helmet Cruzer helmet assembly and visor installation

    Went to Lowe's tonight, found the brad tee nuts but not the threaded posts. Plus they only had clear visors not smoked ones. Redoing my bucket is proving to have a difficult start. Thanks for the help Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
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    Helmet Cruzer helmet assembly and visor installation

    Can't seem to find brad tee posts like in the pics. All the brad tees I find are nuts with the hole in the middle not the threaded Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337
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    New Holster & Ammo Belts

    Best gun and ammo belt ever!! Love mine still, going to adapt the web belt to it though since the Velcro keeps slipping on me now after a lot of use. You going to be putting out some FP gauntlets?? Good to see you back. I just came back to it all myself after a 2 year hiatus.
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    yeah thats me too. I like to cruise in the sun and ride to work. I like to go fast here and there when there is little traffic around. Middle of no where on a nice summer night. I'm a paramedic and i have seen first hand the mess you become when "way too fast" meets "immovable object" Dan
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    the biggest thing is on a bike you have to be DRIVING. You have to look for yourself and for everyone else cause the idiots on the road will not look for you or see you. You have to anticipate their next move so you aren''t there to get hit. And remember there are only 2 kinds of riders...
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    thanks man
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    Jango Glove Interest?

    man, it seems everytime we get close on jango gloves it dies..... Cursed Gloves
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    My babies. Though i sold the Firebird a few years ago.....
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    SHOWOFF: Jango Fett

    OK I gotta get some of my newer pics into here to but these 2 are from C3 and i have done some work since then. MLC Bucket w/ motorized rangefinder Leather neckseal BKBT Aluminum chest, collar, abd, cod, and shoulders - durasteel BKBT vest FP gauntlets Saddle leather ammo pouches and holsters...