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    Anyone have contact for Asok (Christy) besides email?

    I came back on TDH to find some old pictures from my WIP and to look I to another ASOK... Sheesh! I missed a lot. Sucks to hear about Bill.
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    Hey, Friends! Thanks for the compliments. I want to see someone else do a Snow Board/Ski Fett Helmet paint job! I still get high fives when I wear this helmet boarding.
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    How do you display your collection?

    Nice. I've recently been looking for a mannequin to put my Fett on in my man cave. .. saw a cool tutorial on here to make a nice Carbonite Chamber floor-looking-thing. ..
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    Anyone playing DayZ?

    Haha! I started as a PC gamer, Counter Strike, Battle Field. .. moved to Xbox, now I'm back at PC gaming
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    Anyone playing DayZ?

    I have a server: "Boba Fett's Bounty-" That's the first three words. .. sometimes I switch up the last few... steam name "Yoda's Dentist"...
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    General Do you, or can you, sit down in your Fett?

    I can sit as well. Not full blown, snug against the chair back, but, I can sit at a 90* and not worry about damaging anything. Take the COD/Kidney armor off. Don't bring the JP.
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    Installing my Helmet Hearing Aid

    Great idea!
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    MOW RotJ Gauntlet Help

    Set one hinge up- (May have to do some sanding to make them flush) Then with one hinge installed, dunk in hot water then clamp into position anyway you can. Then cold water dunk. The resin is quite mailable with little heat applied.
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    Fett Motorcycle helmet,Pic....more pics to come.

    You son of a bitch... This is great! I was a bored vacation away from painting my GSXR Like the slave one... I painted my snow board helmet in this scheme... Never got to the bike helmet (Because I just sold it :-/) Awesome paint job!
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    Vallejo and Acrylic Airbrush Paints?

    Enamel. It's not coming off unless you use sand paper or paint thinner. It's very durable and very flexible. Cons: Stinks, It is easier to clean up- But so be it... Short term sacrifice for a long term gain when you use Enamel.
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    Boots Toe spikes

    Looks like a great set of lethal crotch kicking apparatus to me! So.... the real question is: When is the RoddieFett Toe Spike run!?
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    General My fett so far

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss! Great stuff. Excellent weathering all around. Excellent colors! I did a test fit for mine last week and I was sweating my kiwis off before I even had the helmet on!
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    masking tips?

    You can use a tooth pick, a Q -Tip (Soft side and Cardboard stick side), a paint brush... You can get small details out of it. It literally washes right of. Or use a wet rag/paper towel. (If you use enamel) I wouldn't go rinsing an acrylic paint job, the acrylic will wash right off. The masking...
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    Boba Fett ESB Killstripe Tutorial

    I thought this part was fun... I wonder if anyone else shares the same opinion on killstripes! excellent tutorial! You are The painting machine...