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    Fallout NV Desert Ranger Build

    Yeah, it along with skyrim killed my first PS3 but, like you said, it's REALLY addicting haha. I've already got some experience with shaping the foam I'll need for the armor (I just need to go and pick some more up). I've seen a lot of guys use both real and plastic U.S. M1 helmets as the actual...
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    Fallout NV Desert Ranger Build

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new to posting here, but I have been reading up on the stuff on the site for quite some time. I was hoping to do a Desert Ranger build from Fallout New Vegas, but I'm going to need a little advice. Firstly, for anyone who doesn't know, the Desert Ranger Combat Armor (Honest...
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    Hand sculpted Brotherhood of Steel Suit (Fallout)

    The helmet looks great!!! If you were able to do that without a pep file, then I'm sure the suit should be no problem for ya. And from what I can see in those pics, the armor is looking great too. Great job man!
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    Liberty Prime, not Wars!

    Liberty Prime - The Fallout wiki - Fallout: New Vegas and more this link oughta tell you everything you should know about him.