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    Making my first appearance this weekend!

    I'm gonna be suiting up for a 5-year old girl's birthday party! The mom put an ad out on Kijiji for a Boba Fett costume so I said I could do it. She says her daughter is big into Boba Fett so I'll be popping in to hand out treats and give gifts I guess. Excited! Actually I'm kinda nervous...
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    Does anyone else weather their stuff like I do?

    To make the tears and holes in my cape my girlfriend laid it on some concrete stairs, took a file and dragged it across a few times to get some nice natural looking shredding.
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    Vader's Armor Vs. Luke's Lightsaber???

    His armor is infused with Sith Alchemy so that probably helps. And Luke definitely pulls back his hit. Lesson learned, kids: always follow through.
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    Deftones - Diamond Eyes

    I'm diggin' it so far... but I really liked Saturday Night Wrist, though. Diamond Eyes isn't as diverse. it's a lot slower, more melodic. Almost reminds me of newer ISIS stuff. Someone told me they thought it was a return to form like Around The Fur or Adrenaline, and I was like "Nooo...."...
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    Calling all HOCKEY fans!!!

    Well since my beloved Senators crapped the bed, I'm all for Vancouver taking it. They were awesome all season long and I hope they have a good run. I don't have much faith in the Habs beating the Caps but if they do that would be pretty rad. Gary Bettman doesn't like Ovechkin as much as...
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    Clone Wars Episode with Boba Fett: Thoughts? (SPOILERS)

    So has anyone else seen the episode yet? Not sure what I thought about Boba blowing up Jango's helmet as a booby trap. I always assumed the helmet was passed down. So... where does he get his green helmet then? Also, I don't know if it fits with the Scholastic books in terms of continuity...
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    Wearing a costume to an event if you're not in the 501st

    Sweet, that would be be awesome! I'm gonna work on my Dengar costume this winter and my girlfriend wants a Boushh costume to so we can both troop! Time for us to get cracking if we want to do this!
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    Wearing a costume to an event if you're not in the 501st

    I think the Capital city Squad is the closest to where I am (time to start the Northern Ontario Garrison...!) so if I ever get my costume up to snuff, I'd like to someday join it. Problem is I'd only be able to come down for events once in a while cuz Ottawa is a four hour drive away. but I...
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    Star Wars in Concert

    Hey man, you guys looked rad, and it's very cool how much poise you all had when dealing with the many people asking for photos. I would have liked to chat you both up a bit but it was busy and I didn't want to take up all your time. I did mention I was on The Dented Helmet to jRock and he...
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    Star Wars in Concert

    The show was amazing!! It was also my first time seeing a 501st troop in real life, and everyone's costumes looked so rad! I didn't get much chance to talk to Boba Fett and Jango Fett (Jango72?) but here's a pic of me with them and Zam Wesell: Definitely makes me want to work on my...
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    Wearing a costume to an event if you're not in the 501st

    Yeah, that's kind of what we thought too. But to make it easy to sit in a cramped chair for a whole show we might just do Boushh and un-frozen Han, or Bespin Leia and Bespin Han. I'd love to tackle a scratch-built Boushh helmet...!
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    Wearing a costume to an event if you're not in the 501st

    The show is at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario. Where the NHL's Ottawa Senators play. Technically it's in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa.
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    Wearing a costume to an event if you're not in the 501st

    Is this bad etiquette? My girlfriend and I are thinking of wearing costumes to the Star Wars in Concert in Ottawa but we're not 501st members. We don't wanna step on anyone's toes but we also want to dress up. Also, how difficult is it to attend these events in full gear? Like, can you fit...
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    Star Wars in Concert

    I'll be there, got 8th row floor!! Not gonna wear my BF costume, but I might bust out the Jedi robes for this one. Go Sens!
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    X-Wing Pilot Helmet

    What if I can't find a Vietnam-era helmet? I live in Canada and we have next to no American Army Surplus stuff here. Just lots of old Canadian uniforms and boots. I might have to find a big round sphere of some type I guess...