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    Starting a budget costume from scratch

    I spent more than $100 on visiting this website way back when i had a dial-up connection:lol: :lol: :lol: Good luck with your quest and your at least at the right place for some good info!:thumbsup: Mason.
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    Fett Helmet Ala Carte

    I personally would look at buying one sooner rather than later by the looks of that bucket you have there...:facepalm But good luck with it anyway!:thumbsup: Mason.
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    Speachless...:eek: Mason:thumbsup:
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    Helmet stand interest?

    still no pic's??:facepalm Mason.
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    TK409 Helmet Smashed (viewer discretion advised)

    OMG!... i feel for you dude, i really do... I'd say give the repair a go and if it does not work well enough then its on to a new one me thinks... Mason.
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    I finished my first helmet

    I like the colour too, clean and simple...;) The main problem i see is the shaping...:confused has the bucket been sqeezed in a vice or is it sucking lemons?:lol: If you get the shaping of the cheeks to pop out through some kind of reshaping/reinforcement, it should look...
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    Ripcode Bucket Progress thread By EVAN4218

    Looking good Rip!:thumbsup: Hang in there buddy as hard as that can be from experience... :lol: But, from what i have seen of evan4218's work in the past and again, right here in the pic's of your "in progress " bucket...:love it will be worth the wait!:thumbsup: Mason.8)
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    My ESB M_S1 Almost there

    Nice paint job!:eek: I agree with the fore-mentioned green colour on the ear piece...:facepalm But overall... very impressive paint job!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Mason.8)
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    Fett Armour Finished

    Nice job!:thumbsup: Must be a great feeling to get to the end and wear it now!;) I would be proud as punch to own such an impressive Boba suit.:) Good on you buddy!:thumbsup: Mason.8)
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    Thats an awesome set of armour!.:love It looks like it been through hell... i love it!:thumbsup: Mason.8)
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    MY MSH2.. It has Begun.

    Hey!:eek: TDH was down for days...:rolleyes This bucket should be finished by now right?;) Mason.:lol: Updates pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease......
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    My 9year old Boba

    Excellent! Mason.
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    Shabad's MS3 Bucket Progress Thread

    Shabad, you will not be dissapointed with the finished product.;) AFFO$ has an amazing ability to capture all the details of an ESB without it looking overly layered or topicaly hand painted...:) Its an outstanding talent and one i'm both greatful for and jealous of!:lol: Mason.
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    Old Fashioned 'Killstripe' Thread

    Great stuff Paul! Very helpful indeed and im sure all the members, new and old, would love to see more of this sort of tutorial stuff... Mason. PS: still in awe over this bucket of mine and i keep finding myself staring at it for (as the wife says) obscene amount of time!
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    Shopping for a new helmet

    Happy shooping?:lol: Mason.8)