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    possibly the coolest Nerf gun converted to custom mando weapons

    when will all us mando'ade stop drewling over the CS-6.
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    $35 Boba Helmet (My practice piece) - PICS

    what did you use to fil in the seam at the top of the helmet?
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    Jaster Mereel Jaster Mereel - Work in Progress

    Posted on this over at Mando'ade earlier today, and your armor just keeps looking better and better!
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    Hypotheticly, how would some one go about obtaning these bad boys?
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    Jango Gauntlet Blueprints

    do you have any flat tempalates if not then how were the made?
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    TK409 Helmet Smashed (viewer discretion advised)

    seriously that looks like someone attack it with a balpine hammer:puke . Just lood at the hole in the middle.
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    The Lonewolf at Dragon Con

    I really like the bucket and the pack. whose the adala:p ?
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    Low budget Boba

    :love You made that bad boy out of cardboard?
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    Custom Mando dumb questions

    All that you NEED to have is the T-visor to make sure everyone knows it's a mando'ad. Other than that you don't NEED anything. Just do what you think is the best, and if you like the resurt than it was worth doing.
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    what should I do?

    I can't decide whether to make a more traditional supercommando armour or something more like this from the mandalorian wars . your opinions would be greatly appritiated.
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    my custom mando

    very cool con't wait to see it finished!
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    Gauntlet blueprints

    incredible, as always
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    custom or rubies

    I do have quite a bit of time on my hands, but I'm not incredebly handy. If I were to purchase a rubies helmet I would end up repainting it;)
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    custom or rubies

    First off i must say thatI am very new, only two posts. I'm trying to decide whether to get a rubies helmet on ebay or to atempt to make a custom, now that wizardofflight has posted his templates. So what do I do? Ideas?