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    Rounding out Jango

    Funny thing . . . when I take pictures of any Fett related stuff . . . my cat always makes an appearance. Nice Jet Pack by the way!
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    Boba Fett has retired

    All good things come to an end. Great pictures everyone!
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    My New Star Wars Home Theater - Death Star Hangar

    Wow! I am very impressed! Great job!
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    Vicrum Fett?

    Back by popular demand . . . An army of Gungans (just kidding) I am just as curious as you!
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    It has been eons since I have logged on to this message board. So sorry to hear of this incident. So glad no one was hurt.
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    When to hang up the helmet

    Sometimes life takes place. And I am speaking for myself. It's been a while since I posted here and it's been almost 4 years since I did any sort of suiting up individually are with the Georgia 501st. After hanging it up for 4 years. I will do the "Time Warp" again by suiting up! Also . . ...
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    going to quit

    I am doing good in Atlanta. Re married with a step son. Took a huge break from costuming. Almost 4 years! And that includes the 501st. Yet recently I gathered the armor and did a birthday party event for a kid with a terminal illness with the 501st. 1st time suiting up in almost 4 years! I just...
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    going to quit

    Formerly St Nasty ? I have been gone for too long! All the best to you brother! My addiction has been Dr.Pepper and chocolate chunk cookies! LOL! I remember you and I were big fans a board member by the name of The Sniffer!
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    Jango Jetpacks

    I have been out of the loop for some time . . . And I have to say that the quality/molds of the jet packs are much accurate as opposed to what I have.
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    Has anyone ever used a kitchen stainless steel back splash for Jango armor?

    Hey Folks! I hope all is well with some of you - - - -considering I have not communicated with anyone lately. . . It has been some time since I have done anything on my Jango . . . . and it has been some time since I posted anything! A few years back, my mother had her kitchen re-done and she...
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    Hello TDH!

    A warm welcome to you our new Fett brother!
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    3D Printing - Could it end hands on creativity.

    I know there is a guy in Atlanta known as "Vader Painter" - - - - who does a stellar screen accurate Darth Vader - - - and he happens to own a 3D printer. He has done some amazing stuff to help in his craft!
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    Jango Fett my new project wip

    Wow! Considering you are doing this from scratch, I am totally impressed! Great job!