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    RDK Armor

    I have not gotten a response back.
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    RDK Armor

    Are there any other alternatives that are even close to his quality without a year+ wait? I'd really like some armor in ABS, but i'd really rather not wait a whole year to get something from Bobamaker
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    holy crap, absolutely brilliant idea!
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    RDK Armor

    I sent him a PM a week or two ago and still havent heard anything back, but with the holidays and all it's pretty understandable. Looking forward to hearing from him!
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    "Paint by numbers" Humbrol Visual Guide - ESB & ROTJ Helmet & ESB Armor

    This is incredibly helpful, thank you!
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    Superjedi's MF-ESB for RPF member Al May

    simply beautiful.
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    Just finished my first helmet!

    Looks rad!
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    Clothears Flightsuit and Vest features

    So, what's a ballpark price something like this would cost? The RoTJ suit on their site looks super, super blue but those cloth samples look just right in the correct light. I am in the market for a suit and vest myself and if I'm going to spend money on it, I only want to spend it on something...
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    Superjedi's MF-ESB for RPF member Al May

    That helmet weathering is absolutely stunning.
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    New Target Boba Fett helmet released

    I'm a big fan of that helmet display stand. I'll have to pick up one of those.
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    I got one!

    That is super impressive, nice find and nice paint job!
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    Who are your favorite Helmet casters for a ROTJ build?

    I finally got a response from him and saw his beautiful FP cold casts. I am totally smitten and will be ordering next friday. I absolutely can't wait to get started.
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    Who are your favorite Helmet casters for a ROTJ build?

    I'm in the market for a ROTJ helm as well. I just heard back from Bobamaker and apparently he won't be able to get a helmet out to me until October or November!