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    Pistols Budget Blasters

    The old chrome ones with the kids holsters are really small compared to the larger orange and white ones. They'd be good for a child but not for big man hands
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    Weathering and Battle scaring

    Just don't use grey poupon. It does stain krylon silver[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone
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    Help? I'm trying to build Boba Fett's helmet for the first time

    Bondo body filler is the way to go! I'm doing a pepakura helmet and was skeptical about using at first but it sands down really nice and isn't as porous as spackle. Definitely worth a shot Sent from my iPhone
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    BB-8 Star Wars life size Droid bb8

    Looks awesome! I was thinking of making one myself but I'm not too good with electronics[emoji20] it would be great to see a WIP though Sent from my iPhone
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    LF grappling hook template

    Out of everything they have on TDH and RPF the grappling hook is the least covered
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    Comicpalooza Houston TX

    Anyone going to comicpalooza this weekend 22-24 in Houston TX? Be a good chance to meet some fellow fetts. I remember I saw a few people last year don't quite remember their names.
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    My New Star Wars Home Theater - Death Star Hangar

    I like how the blue lights look on the black wall where the screen is. Really looks like you're looking out a hangar door! I'm definitely doing this in my theater since I'm getting a bigger screen myself. I know a thing or two about home theaters ;)
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    What do you hate people saying about your costumes at Cons?

    I always get the "oh look it's boba fett" when I'm in the jango! It doesn't bother me like it used to though. But the one thing I don't like is when they ask you "how much does it cost to get a costume like that?" and when they hear the price they give you the most disgusted look ever...
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    Rub N Buff Jango H E L P !!!!!

    I had the same problem at first with rub and buff. When I first did it I put it directly on the piece and it lumped up. The second time I put it on my hands then rubbed it into the armor and it worked perfectly.
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    Here's a chest plate I roughly cut out and started to sand down to raw aluminum it definitely is nicer than sintra but it's a lot harder to work with... Especially while bending it I had to heat it up to about 900- 1000 degrees Fahrenheit Sent from my iPhone
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    I found some stuff at the local flea market today its aluminum foam core. It's basically sintra with aluminum plating. Same stuff they use to build atm machines. Surprisingly it's really light weight. And it can be polished out. I got like 10 4' x 4' sheets for $3 each. I'll post some pictures...
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    Anyone in the San Antonio area know where to get Sintra? I'm having trouble sourcing it locally. I've bought some online before but it was broken in shipping. And it seems sign shops don't want to sell it. Thanks
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    What would you say is the hardest part for this project? Your tickling my fancy to build one now! :)
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    Death Watch Building Armor for Star Wars Celebration 2015 - Now with Night Owl

    I'm so jealous I wish I had freinds and family that would troop around with me. Looks AMAZING though I wish I could've been there
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    Budget $20 mannequin! Tutorial

    I eventuall built a base for mine out of mdf and a pole coming out the back of the leg just like a real mannequin. It definitely is easier to buy one already made but they aren't very universal for shorter or heavier mandos ;)