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    Hasbro's Fett Blaster

    WOW. That's alot of money for a toy. :(
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    Hasbro's Fett Blaster

    I bought mine a few days ago....With the idea in mind that I can either use a pistol handle I already have and clam shell it over the existing handle...Or mabey I can find a resin handle and do the same. I'd love to see someone offer a resin handle, metal D-bracket, and stock for this. Something...
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    I'm Back!

    Thanks guys! :D I might have to sand down my old helmet and start back on my TEOD Jodo now...
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    I'm Back!

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've been here! Where have I been? Well....I robbed a bank and rode in a cop car I took a breif trip to Wonderland : I went through a mirror and visted various ladies' imaginations : And to top it all off, I sailed on a ship with black sails : I've...
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    Boba-style Webley in Battlestar Gallactica

    Admiral Cain's office was littered with awsome. ;)
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    Official Pix - New Boba Images

    Those Gold Bikini pics aren't half bad either! :lol: :p ;)
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    And as always, be sure to register 2 account. You can sell the other in a few months. :lol: :p ;) ( I'm kidding BTW)
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    Thoughts and prayers

    Sorry to hear dude. :(
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    Per an ebay auction, I played Jango!!!

    Well...We now know your autograph and a patch is worth at least 20 bucks. :p ;) :lol: EDIT - Or did you bid on it? :p ;) :lol:
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    Your Halloween Costumes

    had a very good time today, stole a train, road in the back of a police car, freaked people out. All a good days work! One thing stands out though, a group of girls who freaked out, elected me their leader, and then asked me to tour the parade route telling their friends scar stories. It...
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    Halloween 2009 - REPORT IN!

    I had a very good time today, stole a train, road in the back of a police car, freaked people out. All a good days work! The ride was awsome, I got dropped off at the starting area (sence we were the second entry and finished quickly) and started walking up and down the parade route where at...
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    Your Halloween Costumes

    I helped a dude I know get a costume and war paint ready in two days, so last night I sat down with him for 4 hours and helped him get a feel for a realy basic make-up job. I did mine as we went so he could see me do it. So after 4 hours of make-up application, dressing him, doing his hair, and...
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    Kid's Jodo Kast WIP for halloween

    Mabey you can make my Jetpack next! :lol: :p ;) Still lookin' good mate! :D
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    Your Halloween Costumes

    [Evil voice] "Trooper, execute order 325, KILL all the ninjas, devils, and bears." [/evil voice] :lol:p;)
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    Prayers & good thoughts needed.

    Sorry to hear about it man, prayers your way. :)