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    Autorgraphed props?

    I got Jeremy to sign this armor display I did up for a charity auction. Not sure why he signed the cloth instead of one of the plates but it was an honour to have him sign my work. Best things about it: 1) He was honestly one of the nicest andmost genuine people I have EVER met. 2) One of my...
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    Post Your Finished Mystery Helmet Pics!

    Here's my Jaster bucket based on the Sgt. Fang helmet. I made custom ears for it to match the vented ears seen in the Open Seasons comics.
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    Gauntlet Darts - a possible source

    Was peeking through my tandy leather catalogue and found this little fella. It's a punch for hand stitching leather. Not 100% exact but definitely could be from the same product family. It's about the right size. Thoughts???
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    Gauging Interest - Aluminum Webley Stock Brackets

    Hi again folks, I know that there are a ton of scratch builders out there and from experience, the hardest thing to replicate on the webley is the stock bracket. Most of the rest can be made from wood and plastic but if you don't have access to a metal shop or metal working tools, it...
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    Helmet flare- ESB compared to others

    It has a lot to do with visor installation. The ROTJ helmet has the visor pretty much parallel where as the ESB helmet is a little wider at the bottom. This pushes out the sides of the mandibles just a bit which makes it look like it has way more flare.
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    Has anyone made Boba Fett armor AFBB (or As First Aquired By I guess)

    The theory is that Mando armor isn't really being "issued" at the point that Boba is running around. He's pieced his armor together from used parts. Cool idea though.
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    Dhagon Syntir's Bucket:

    Looks sweet vod'ika!
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    Mandalorian Legion??? Da Werda Verda - The Shadow Warriors Go to the link above and you can even download the mp3s. :)
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    Mandalorian Legion???

    That area is just a discussion area where the two or three Command Staff for the group discuss basic costume reqs. Nothing top secret in there.
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    Mandalorian Legion???

    You are all welcome to stop by Mando'ade (Man-do-ah-day)
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    Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

    Ya gotta give my sneaky title full credit. Over 1900+ views, hahahahaha
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    Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

    Okay folks! For the final time - this thread is anxcient and my old templates are garbage compared to what's available today. Go here:
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    Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

    Hey, no worries. We were all new to this forum at one time or another. Go here: He's the best of the best of the few of the proud. :)
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    Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

    ***! You should have left this bad boy among the dead. hahahaha One word: Wizardofflight He makes any of my old MS Word drawn templates look like old MS Word drawn templates covered in poodoo. hahahaha
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    Need Helmet Advice

    First and foremost, what type of helmet is that and what are the ear pcs. made of? If resin, did you sand them flat before you mounted them or did you just paint them right out of the box?