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    For Sale ESB Parts For Sale !!

    Pm sent
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    Lucksy31 ESB Faded Kill Stripes

    Order placed!
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    FS: ESB Helmet Vinyl Ear Decals

    Order placed, and for rotj shoulder as well.
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    TK 14056’s ROTJ Boba Fett Build & Research Thread

    I’m by no means and exert and still knee deep into my own SE build but it looks incredible to me! Helmet paint up looks great too!
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    For Sale Esb boba parts. Armor, vest, flightsuit, chest lights, girth belt shin tools, braids, gloves

    Tried to pm but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. Are the gloves or braids still for sale?
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    DStep’s ROTJ WIP build

    That's great to hear! Looking great!! I'll definitely give it a go. I should be good to unmask tomorrow and I'll start weathering with the charcoal after that. Thanks for the tips!!
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    DStep’s ROTJ WIP build

    Hey one more question about the charcoal lol. Does it just stick on with a wet sponge or do you have to use an adhesive to stick it on? Hoping to hear about your approval soon!
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    BoochmaN's ROTJ WIP

    Thanks for the tips! I could definitely put it on thicker and probably wait longer. I’ll give that a go!! Unfortunately I’m gonna have to redo the pair on my ab plate though. It’s always a learning process lol!
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    BoochmaN's ROTJ WIP

    Hey how How are you applying masking fluid? Just hand painting it on? That’s what I’ve been doing with mixed results. Sometimes the paint comes through the mask.
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    Resizing template Question

    Thanks, I thought about going the photoshop route. I ended up just doing a "guess and check" with print sizes in adobe and got it to fit like a glove.
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    Resizing template Question

    What’s the process for going about resizing and fitting paint templates? Messed a little in Adobe pdf viewer but not sure what’s the best way to go
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    DStep’s ROTJ WIP build

    Looks great! Really coming together now!
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    DStep’s ROTJ WIP build

    Sounds great I’ll have to go to the craft store soon and I totally understand about it being a constant work in progress. Even if you have all the parts it takes quite a while.