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    My "movie realized" Captain Rex

    That's exactly how I would picture Rex if he were not animated, awesome job! I'm inspired to make my own CT, but don't know where I should even start.
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    Wizard world philly

    Next year I think I'm going to stay the 3 days, 1 day wasn't good enough..! But awesome convention, lots of Mando's there & your Fett looked amazing. Next year I'll be bringing some other fellow Mandalorians along for the convention. I've got an entourage which would include my medic mando...
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    Jax Returns!

    Jax, as always the armor looks good. I've always admired the WW2 feel of your Mando attire.
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    Jaster Mereel Let me re-introduce myself....

    Hey fellow Mando's, I've been gone far too long & I'm back to tell some stories... First let me just re-introduce myself... I've grown into the nick name of Jaster because of my Mandalorian attire which is Jaster Mereel. I've been around the block of the good ol' Mandalorians for quite some...
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    Mandalorian Death Watch helmet WIP

    Great job on the DW helmet! Where the rest? haha, good work!
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    Custom details

    Predatormv, do you have a pic of your custom bucket? I'd love to see it! Also, did you go through & make the full custom?
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    *Official* "Please introduce yourself" thread

    Hi, my name is Matthew Cassano, (aka Jaster). I've been apart of TDH for quite some time now, my old user name use to be 'MaTTster27', but I had it changed to 'Jaster Mereel', hence the attire. I'm 19 years old & currently live in Pennsylvania, I live at home with a pretty big family, (4...
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    Mandalore Vest

    That's a great idea, plus that vest will go perfect for a custom Mando! Awesome find!
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    Free Back Armor - I'll pay the shipping!!

    Kast, Think it would be possible for me to add the templates on If so, shoot me an E-mail:
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    *Official* Post your web links

    Nice sites guys! I plan on adding all my event pics to my site REALLY soon.. ;)
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    *Official* Post your web links Also on my sig
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    My Metal armor is secured on with snaps & velcro (I got that Jango look where the armor never comes off the vest). The chest armor stays on the vest at all times, plus it's alot easier to get the vest on.
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    Jodo Kast My Jodo Kast Helmet Done.

    Great weathering all around buddy! Looks awesome, keep up noted on your progress!
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    Danakin\'s Custom Armor Progress *Updated 3/4*

    Dan, Once again awesome job! This custom has come a loong way, & can't wait to see it finished! It looks dirty, have you been rolling around in the dirt in your Mandalore suit again?? ;) MW is glad to have you in our army!
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    Danakin's custom blasters - PICS

    Dan, Great work buddy! I would have noticed this before, but I've been working all day.. Again awesome work! It's a good think you did happen to leave the trigger red - BTW.. Krillindb, nice banner ;)