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    Newbie intro and Heavy Mando build

    Soon as I saw the Heavy I knew there was a cosplay my big but could look great in
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    Look whos back

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    What I did at SOE Fanfair

    in answer to the P.S. that would be now shadowfire. Guild is IXOYE and main toons name is Wee'bacca aka the cranky wookiee most call him also best jedi/bm there is too.
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    What I did at SOE Fanfair

    Won first place at this year SOE Fanfair 2009, won $500 bucks :D
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    Guess Who

    Yea I miss my friends:cheers
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    Guess Who

    Alot has happen but im back
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    Guess Who

    The one only J A N G O B E A R Still live, love the new look.
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    Jango Bear's Now Completed Costume

    picture fixed enjoy
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    Jango Bear's Now Completed Costume

    you can see all the photos this weekend. im selling it all except for the pistols. As to my health its a long laundry list to say the least ugh. But now that I can sit up for longer periods of time i'll be on here more. I miss a whole lot of your just not the same with out you all. Bear
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    Jango Bear's Now Completed Costume

    my health has taken a serious bad turn on me :( sorry i anit been around. But thanks to my Mrs Bear she's getting me back on my furry feet. as to my jango costume Im sad to say all will be going up for sale on ebay this weekend. I'll try an stay in contact more often. Bear (the one an only)
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    *Official show off your gauntlets thread

    J Bear
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    Can you decipher these numbers?

    supplie me a larger pic and Im sure I could
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    *Official * Fett humor archive thread

    I've been in paintball when it used to be really paint in them. (god I'm old) any ways this subject reminded me that in the back of one of my paintball magazines was this cartoon. Bear
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    General How do you play the part of Jango Fett while in costume?

    Hey that is Jango, Jango Fett the musical :lol: