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    Making progress on ESB EE-3

    Wow! Super awesome work!!
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    My Super Low Budget Fett in 3 Weeks

    great work! Amazing what toys and '****' can be turned into. Also, love the Indy poster with the eagle on it. Where did that come from?
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    General Almost done ESB Fett

    You wear the suit well. Looks great!
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    My Lifesize Luke X-Wing Pilot - 1st Attempt

    Wow. I just looked at this for the first time and it seemed like it was complete in a few seconds. Impressive work for all scratch build.
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    EE-3 scope mount in metal for HS and all accurate webleys

    great input here. Years back I was a definate player in the rounds of discussion on the clamps. There is a lot I remember from those discussions. Now it seems there have been more things agreed upon. As of now I'm still processing information before I start to build anything up. Keep it...
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    EE-3 scope mount in metal for HS and all accurate webleys

    so I got a bit caught up on posts and decided that perhaps it is best if I tackle the mounting system myself. Hopefully I can come up with somehting that works well. I have not been on the boards for some time and wish Stormrider good will.
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    EE-3 scope mount in metal for HS and all accurate webleys

    Sounds good to me - in this case I'm setting asidemy ego and hoping to get help where I can. SO I'm hoping one of two things may happen. 1. Stormrider chimes in and allows us to use his design with proper affection and credit due to him 2. I take a good look at all the evidence and hopefully...
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    EE-3 scope mount in metal for HS and all accurate webleys

    Okay, I wanted to seperate discussion of the scope mounts from my bronze webley thread. As I understand the rings to scope are a problem for some people in that they are weak. I find it hard to think that small points of contact can be anything but weak. I did build up a finihsed EE-3 at...
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    DW Design’s C6 Commander Cody Build

    WOW! good ol' fashion research and build.
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    Accurate vest discussion

    It's been a long time since I posted here and even longer that I worked on my Boba Fett but I too am in need of finally using my accurate material to have a vest and neckseal made . Hopefully a new generation of accuracy can be discovered as I think this is the year I actually get my suit done...
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    Aluminum Fett Helmet Question

    Looks like one of mine... some were better finished than others... sorry to say but glad to say to Jangotex. As far as I know I was the only one to do a full metal cast lid. Flare looks like mine and it compares very well to 'movie size' helmets out there... just the dome is a bit off.
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    My Hand-Schaub ESB E-33!

    The gun is potash patina bronze and the stock is wood. I love seeing these things actually turn into something!!
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    Goffcorp and Gaffer... or Ryan and Randy - possibly Mark and/or Drew. TDH is well respected and I would like to make this meeting a success. Honestly 501st is getting a bit over the top and the Fett community continues to be quality.
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    I'm not sure yet but I may have a friend or two along with me who are members here but don't post much.
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    Hey guys - I'll be at Wondercon this year as usual. Not sure about times and such but I'll be in a Cobra trooper costume form GI Joe (not even a Joe fan) but if you see me be sure to come and say hey! I hope to stop in for dinner but I'll probably come in and have a beer with you guys!