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    ROTJ WIP From Ireland

    Excellent work mate, keep it up!
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    Anyone seen this picture before?

    According to the book ‘Star Wars Costumes - The Orignal Trilogy’ it is the urethane stunt Boba, worn by Glen Randall circa 1982....That’s what the book says anyway haha...below is the Helmet but not sure if it’s the one in the actual Polaroid. Apparently worn in Jedi...interesting point for...
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    making good use of the things that i find

    Nice dude! Keep updating this! ;)
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    Hello from Dublin

    Looking good mate ;)
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    My childhood is ruined

    ESB Fett...he has more guns ;)
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    TRB's ESB Build (Short BH)

    Looking great man ;)
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    SK's ESB Boba Fett Build

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing more ;)
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    ROTJ costume coming along

    It’s gonna look cool ;)
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    Running hoses into sleeves

    A bit of duct tape with a popper attached , and the other popper underneath the sleeve....;)
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    TRB's ESB Build (Short BH)

    Interested to see how these are fitted!
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    Hello from Lincoln UK

    No problem mate, happy to help ;)
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    Hello from Lincoln UK

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    Spray can colors for ESB?

    I used a mix of Humbrol and Tamiya model acrylic sprays for my bucket. Base coat: Humbrol silver 11 Between silver and green: Humbrol Matt grey 64 Cheeks and dome: Humbrol Matt green 30 Rangefinder ear: Humbrol Matt sand 63 For the mandibles I used Rustoleum Matt red wine spray paint, but I...
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    How is it possible to use the restroom at the cons in Boba Fett gear?

    Was at London comicon and needed to use the restroom in full Fett gear. Standing at the urinal with Cod armour down by my knees and some guy said “so that’s how he does it!” :)
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    Hello from Los Angeles

    Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.