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    Sizing question

    It probably depends more on your height and build than head size. If you're around 6' then don't scale the helmet.
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    Girth Belt How to put on the belt?

    That's just it, I've studied the gallery pics as much as the next guy, but preconceived ideas influence what you see. FWIW, I don't plan on changing it.
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    Girth Belt How to put on the belt?

    Wow, I've been doing this for 1-1/2 years and didn't realize it doubles back! Mine is sewn on the left and buckles on the right, so it's easier to put on. I sharpened the prongs so they poke through the webbing more easily.
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    Need some helmet advice...

    This is probably what I would do. I'd scribe the gap line and wear it down on my belt sander, but you could probably use a file and sanding block.
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    Knee darts

    Sorry, just saw this was about Jango Fett.
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    Knee darts
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    General Resizing Boba templates for child

    I think the best thing to do is to print them out at different scales until you find one or some that fit. Kids' bodies are proportioned differently than adults anyway, so the size of the chest armor might need to be at one scale, and the gauntlets at another. Once you have the scales fro the...
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    General Challenge: Can you list...

    Ok, I also think ESB should have the poncho buckle like the PP did. I'm also not a fan of the quilted gloves.
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    Cape Soa ESB Fett WIP

    I was going to mention this re: knees in particular is where I noticed but looking back collar, top of shoulders, etc. too. At a minimum trimmed edges need sanding so you don't see jagged cut edges. The colors are fine though.
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    Power of Costume Questions

    I used Rustoleum Equipment Yellow for knees and right shoulder.
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    General Challenge: Can you list...

    I don't like how low the cod/butt armor sits, makes it hard to bend over or sit.
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    It begins!! Jetpack scratch build.

    That's what I did, around the tanks anyway.
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    Phoenix Comic Con

    I hate reading about this. Banning fake and prop weapons, magic wands if you can believe it, won't make it any safer. Some dirt bag wants to do harm, they'll figure out a way. If they had the simplest of weapons checks at the entry his REAL weapons would have been found. Fake weapons have...
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    ESB Boba Fett from Oz

    FYI, the ammo belt is worn above the girth belt. The girth belt covers much of the cod and butt armor. Consider tailoring your neck seal as well, looks a bit baggy. Armor looks great!
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    My Boba Build

    Even for ROTJ, which has a dirtier vest, that color is too dark. If bleach didn't work, try dye remover. But you may need to redo it with white material and weather that.