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    Denver Comic Con 2016 - Fett Finally Finished - Pointers for new Troops

    Nice write up and a great looking Boba Fett. Congrats on the build and I'm glad you had a great time on your first troop. :thumbsup:
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    According to the ASCO catalog, they still make the valve listed, but I could not find it for sale on-line in a quick search. The 12Vdc version is available here: ASCO 8264G009 12DC Solenoid Valve (8040H8). Order Online From Valves And Instruments I used the 6Vdc, because that is what size...
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    Amazing. I never thought I would see the day that a cast off THE screen used ESB helmet would be available to the public. Ready to open my wallet ...
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    ASOK - Bill Warren Update - All Please read!

    Shocked beyond words. RIP Bill.
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    I can't believe it's almost been 8 years since I posted the parts list. Man does time fly. I'm glad to see that some of you have used the info to add smoke to your pack, and/or have come up with your own idea. Always love the sharing nature of TDH. This sounds very interesting Art...
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    Any Other Board Theme Choices?

    I see the theme choices are now available. Thank you!
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    Any Other Board Theme Choices?

    Hey Art and crew, Are there currently any other board theme choices, and if so how can I change it? If not, any plans to provide a couple of choices like over at the RPF? I'm not looking for anything drastic like both the RPF and TDH have had in the past, but I REALLY don't dig the dark...
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    My 5+ year old Slave1's are on their last leg (so to speak :p ) Any room left on the current run for a pair of ROTJ?
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    Adding a smoke machine to a Jet Pack

    I used a paintball CO2 canister. The "smoke" the CO2 makes is not as good as a smoke machine, but the noise from the CO2 makes up for it. I've scared everyone from kids to adults and even our seasoned troopers when I have set it off...
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    Star Wars at the White house?

    The 2 TK's are 501st members from Old Line Garrison, the Chewbacca and Ahsoka are from LFL. Not seen in that picture, but also at the event were C-3PO and R2-D2. I believe R2 was from the R2 builders club, but not sure who the operator was, and 3PO was TDH's very own Trooper TK-409. Chris...
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    Your Halloween Costumes

    Kimmy, love your Baroness. Andy's IM is fantastic. I would love to have a TMP suit. I'm planning on taking the kids out in my Clone. Tried to get at least one of my girls into a SW costume ... again. But not luck. I will have a ninja, devil and bear with me.
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    SHOWOFF: My SE Boba Fett

    Looking great Lactard. :thumbsup: I saw your blaster thread, and the weathering is looking good. A little over done for my taste, but still looking good. Like you posted, get some more weathering on your cape. One fitting item is where your hoses go into your jumpsuit sleve. Make sure to...
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    Are you comfortable with TDH's text link ad campaign

    Aha. Additional ads for non-members. Makes sense why I was seeing them on sites where I was not a member. That never occured to me, so when I saw all those ads, I figured I would never want to join that site and be bombarded by ad after ad. Learned something new today. I guess I can go...
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    Are you comfortable with TDH's text link ad campaign

    They don't bother me at all since they are at the top and bottom of the page. I have visited other sites while surfing the web and have seen some forums where the ads are intertwined with the posts. (i.e. 2 posts then an ad, another 2 posts and another add, etc.) Those suck. I have left...
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    MSU Alumni here. Go Green!! :cheers