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    Technical question ?

    I'll be using a sillicone rubber mold with a plaster surround, amd casting in fibre glass, will I be able to get six helmets out of it ? Thanks for sharing your knowledge :thumbsup: Metal molds ?
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    Technical question ?

    Hi all :thumbsup: How many helmet castings do you get from a mould on average ? Thanks
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    bmx potty + filler = helmet?

    Thats impressive !!!! :eek:
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    New MR Fett Helmet Master

    Thats a good looking helmet, a very nice paint job too :thumbsup: I've not hear of MR before, but might consider this helmet.
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    Armour vest ?

    Thanks Real Scooby, tk7602 and jango newbie :thumbsup: :cheers My old armour vest was well padded So its just something that I'm used to as being a feature I guess:). Looks like I'll be going for the Boba Maker armour vest with the separate neck seal.
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    Armour vest ?

    Thank you Real Scooby :thumbsup: appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion. How thickly padded is it ? as dont want anything too thin that would cause armour droppage. Thanks :thumbsup:
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    Armour vest ?

    Decided to go for the whole costume but know nothing of sewing and such (more of painter really) so it looks like I'll be buying one. I have had a good search around and like the look of the BobaMaker armour vest and was wondering whats the opinion on it from those in possesion of one ...
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    Rangefinder ?

    Thanks for the help :thumbsup: I'm a make it myself type of person though, nothing like getting the workshop and working on stuff :) I'll be making the post out of metal or resin.
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    Rangefinder ?

    Hello :) My Don post 95 helmet is currently rangefinderless and armless, does anyone have the measurements for these very important parts ? Appreciate it, thanks
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    32 Guage Steel Boba helmet underway!. . .Mabey. .

    Sounds like a exciting project good luck with it. a metal metal would is a very good idea
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    bucket panels

    Hey albertbeefett I will take some measurements today for you. my 95 is a little warped but hopefully they should be of help. Randy :jet pack
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    acrylic wash question

    Another good way of using acrylic paint wash it to use a a spray bottle, using kitchen towel or similiar to dab of excess. using acrylic paint and plain old water works well also.
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    DP vs. Rubies?

    Despite the somewhat flat top the 97 is a alright little helmet, as long as it fits the wearer it is a good start.
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    What do you think of my RF

    It looks great :thumbsup: ...nice work :thumbsup:
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    Two Day Fett

    Jump back!!! .. two days !!! :eek: .. good work :thumbsup: