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    One of ours has fallen...

    I recieved the message about the news Sunday morning. I had to sit down for a little bit. I am saddened to the core on this one. I had a blast with Nick and Graeme at C3 and had the chance to costume with them in Windsor a few years back. Nick was a blast to hang out with and had such a good...
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    TK409 ESB cape

    I own one and I must say it is the best thing since sliced bread
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    CA Boots weathering?

    If you look at the pix of the boots on the MOM and AOSW, the boots had a rust colored mist on them as well.
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    ROTJ Helmets/style

    I know MARROW_SUN had worked on an unbelievable ESB and followed it up by doing his ROTJ. He had said to me that he will never tackle the ROTJ again because of its complexity and difficulty level. At a glance it appears to have an easier paint job then the ESB with a more topical paint scheme...
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    MR ROTJ Blaster

    From the first pic it doesn't look like it has enough rust color to it.
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    ***Official '06 mugshot thread

    Here's me after little sleep at C3.
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    Vac-formed Helmet

    THe details wouldn't be hard to get at all if it were reverse vac-u-formed
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    ESB Helmet Progress

    You make me drool with every helmet you paint man! I still owe you for the suprise in my luggage! But if you were to send me a fully painted ESB helmet I might forget about it! :p
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    MQ-1 Calculator Guts for Keyslots Interest
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    Taking a cast from a mystery helmet

    Or you could purchase a copy of Thurston James book, The Prop Builder's Molding & Casting Handbook. Thats where an abundance of the re-casters get their casting info from that I can see...
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    Taking a cast from a mystery helmet

    The best way to make a mould of a Mystery Helmet is to actually put your sculpting skills to the test and make your own helmet to cast. That way you will have the satisfaction of being able to say you did it all. Anyone can make a cast of someone elses work but at what cost? Your reputation is...
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    Inow same question but i still think its too big for me!!

    LOL Defintely! The first indicator should have been the name! Second should have been the pictures but sometimes people disregard both. LOL
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    Inow same question but i still think its too big for me!!

    I am going to have to agree with Webchief and MARROW_SUN here. The armor will add alot to your size and completely proportion you out for the costume. Stick with the helmet you have there.
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    air brush?

    Another place you may want to try out as far as purchasing an airbrush is Dixiart. They have really good prices and I know alot of people that do T-Shirt Airbrushing and such that always use them for their supplies.
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    back of ESB helmet

    This thread should be of a little help in painting