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    New to the Dented Helmet

    Welcome aboard :)
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    Zuckuss Thinking of doing a Zuckuss

    First coat. Used a liquid latex mixed with paint.
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    Fett Mythos costume?

    F4r mythos is awsome.
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    Zuckuss Thinking of doing a Zuckuss

    Went on and got the mask. Will be a great display at the very least. Can't seem to find a crl on him. Any help would be awesome
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    Zuckuss Thinking of doing a Zuckuss

    Looking to add a new hunter. Zuckuss a Hard one to do ? Looks fairly cheep onther than the mask and blaster. Sound right ? Best place for suppliers ? Got a friend with a unpainted latex mask ( $150 ). Is that the way to go or would resin be better ( if that's made ) ? Best place / site for...
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    Dismantling MR Boba Fett blaster

    Mine has a little movement to. Not sure how it comes apart. Bet it does move on a lot of the ones used for trooping.
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    Fett 4 Real does Mythos

    Can't believe I missed this. To cool :) Not sure how big the dowel is. 3/8" ?? Heat a piece of 3/8" steel / re-bar push it in ???? Might melt to much out . May be low heat doing a few inches at a time ??
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    New Boba reporting for duty (pics)

    I hook my braids with two eyelets I put in right pasted the seam where the arm meets the shoulder. I use a little black zip tie to attach . Like fett4real said. Dirty it up. A lot.
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    CATASTROPHIC weather conditions in Australia!

    I don't believe in crossing fingers but ill sure say a prayer or two for u guys :) Had to look at my speedometer on my bike to find out how fast 80kph were . 50 mph for us US guys ;)
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    Just wanted...

    Welcome Lars :) u found the spot ;) good luck with the jango. If u built your Vader piece by piece jango should be a piece of cake ( easy :) if your not familiar with that expression :)
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    Lighting the side panels - ANY advice appreciated.......

    Looking forward to seeing these Jon ;) going to start my 2nd HIC here in the next few months.
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    hey guys, new guy to the forum

    Welcome ;) I'd think boba would suit u better :) :cheers
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    Hello from across the pond

    Welcome. Love the tank ;