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    Boba book?

    Tales From Jabba's Palace: A Barve Like That. Absolutely excellent read.
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    Update on Asok's Props

    Best wishes, take care of yourself.
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    Pistols Help with Blasters

    What you want is casts of the Master Replicas blasters... Or better, MR originals. But that doesn't seem possible unless someone decides to part with theirs. ... As far as I know. I've done a lot of searching, but haven't found anything overly helpful.
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    Anyone selling Fett Armor with no dent?

    Send some PM's out, I'm sure most would accommodate.
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    Anyone selling Fett Armor with no dent?

    Some do... I know Bobamaker will fill his helmet dent on request, so I'm sure he would do the rest.
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    Richard LeParmentier passed away

    Very saddening to hear.
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    What's the inside of your bucket look like?

    I did look at his fan kits, but I may make my own... I've got plenty of parts laying around.
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    Beth's Jango Build

    Great work! And excellent weathering! Good luck with it all!
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    What's the inside of your bucket look like?

    As Fett 4 Real said, they don't move much and don't at all if you use more than one pad of velcro. Mine are positioned so my head isn't touching the helmet at all, so there should be plenty of airflow between the 6 pads. Haven't noticed any pressure issues so far, but I can't wear it much at...
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    Helmet A TRUE ILM lineage Jango Fett paint up in metal cold cast Wip

    Is there a thread with information on the lineage/origin of the Jango moulds? and/or who sells casts of what specific generation..? I don't have any interest over personal debates, I am just very interested to learn more, as I've never come across such a thread during my vigorous research...
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    What's the inside of your bucket look like?

    This is the inside (so far) of my Custom Mando (Bobamaker Jango) helmet. I used Skydex ballistics padding (from eBay). It's quite comfortable, although I haven't trooped in it yet. The top disc pad was too thick for my big head. Still need to put a fan or two in, and other electronics.
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    Star Fortress Productions

    They're probably Re-casts from a respectable prop maker.
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    Help my girlfriend pick a costume

    What about Komari Vosa? Or she could do a Rebel Pilot, or Padme... (A well dressed Padme)