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    An amazing artist, Sean Fields, not only has these amazing Boushh and stand available for purchase but you should also check out the rest of his Star Wars items. Just passing this info on! Helmet link 3D printable helmet inspired by Boushh Stand Link 3D Printable stand Boushh Helmets
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    One last wafer thin ESB paint job...

    Are you freehanding all the damage? Or stencil?
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    Fett Helmet History

    I love that project mayhem Fett Helmet with Tyler Durden is some how involved with this!
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    3D Gauntlets

    Right on. I rescaled the right gauntlet and printed it. Looks gorgeous. Afraid to try and print that bottom left one though. Thanks for the reply
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    3D Gauntlets

    I tried the “separate connected surfaces” in s3d but that didn’t separate it at all. How did you fix this problem of two separate halves?
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    3D Gauntlets

    These are the converted ESB gauntlets, correct?
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    So what are the best paints to use?

    Where is this “Lee Malone/Rogue Studios paint list“?
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    3D Gauntlets

    Has anyone had a problem printing this gauntlets? Two different computers. S3d and Cura both render the top layer missing. No matter what orientation I place the model at, the “top” layers that are parallel to the bed are missing. It’s not a top layer height issue. Or infill.
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    RafalFett's Boba Fett 3D Projects

    WOW!!! Just amazing!
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    Bargain Flightsuit Run

    PM sent
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    3D Gauntlets

    Hey! Did you ever release/post ESB versions?
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    Creating 3D Gauntlets based on Cevantes Boba Fett Gauntlets

    So, little update on the gauntlet. Doesn't look like much progress but getting the right measurements for my forearm and still having it line up with the top of the gauntlet without changing it has taken a little bit to figure out. Also the two layers of the gauntlet still need to be "split"...
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    Looks like our first new mandalorian inspired armor in quite some time. Can’t wait to get a better look at this in the movie!!!
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    Creating 3D Gauntlets based on Cevantes Boba Fett Gauntlets

    So this isn't finished but setting up the clam shells and using photos to determine where they join at, is this a crazy suggestion that they may be separated like the images below?