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    flight suit fabric

    thanks guys! that's awesome help..
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    flight suit fabric

    oh man.. you're making your flight suit? full on... i was expecting some relief with this one... just starting to think about a build and it all seems too much..
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    First ever helmet build

    i hope youre documenting all your work with a heap of photos..
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    First ever helmet build

    as a fellow noob i'll be following your thread to get the same answers you are looking for! Good job so far..
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    VillainWorks FPH2 ESB for Aiakos

    i'll check the Villains FB site instead then..
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    VillainWorks FPH2 ESB for Aiakos

    still no love from photobucket :(
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    newbie from canberra. that's the capital of australia btw..

    not any experience in costuming, but a big (if relatively new) Fett fan. I've finally gotten around to realizing that the cornerstone of any good Fett collection has got to be a helmet. It wasn't that long long ago that I thought a Hasbro brand helmet was the big time! But.. i'm making...
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    Fett Helmet History

    wow, how good is this? fascinating stuff, thank you guys!
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    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Stencils

    Why has it taken me so long to find TDH? This information, the templates, are brilliant. Amazing work.