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    Boba and Jango Fett Soft Parts Still Available * pics *

    HI Triple D, sending a PM now @ Lou THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR KIND WORDS!!!
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    Darth Vader Forum?

    The 501st Sith Lords Detachment is having conversations on this piece. The Sith Training Temple is also a great resource. Unless the conversation was on the RPF, I'm not certain where it would be.
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    Congratulations Mojo-Fett!!

    WOW I'm seriously slow on the uptake. CONGRATS Mojo!
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    Is there interest? Budget Fett Flak Vest

    I really hate this new PM system.
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    grey vest

    This is the material Bob is referring to:
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    grey vest

    No problem.
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    grey vest

    The Vest is an off white/greyish color
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    Is there interest? Budget Fett Flak Vest

    Two more out today.
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    Is there interest? Budget Fett Flak Vest

    I any one having issues with the PM system? I seem to be.
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    Where is everyone from?

    I live in Disney City California with Ladysewforus.
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    Is there interest? Budget Fett Flak Vest

    :D I'm glad you liked it bro! More being shipped very soon Until then, here's a gift for my friends who enjoy Boba
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    Our computer is acting up

    Quick note to everyone. Our computer is acting up. It is probably the video card and we have ordered a new one. But for the time being, if you send Mark/Darcinus or myself, ladySewForUs, a PM, please understand if we do not get back to you right away. If you have our phone number, feel...
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    Thanks Jim
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    Unfortunately no. I'm sorry.
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    First Fett photoshoot

    DUDE!!!!! Far cry from your original submission pix LOL. **** that looks good!