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    For Sale MachineCraft Replicas - Boba Fett Metal Parts

    Received my toe spikes the other day. They look and fit great. Looking forward to installing them on my new boots.
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    CIII Pictures and Highlights

    Here's a pic for those who don't want lightsabers to cast shadows.
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    CIII Pictures and Highlights

    I just got back a few hours ago and I had a blast. It was great hanging out with some of you guys, even if it was just for a little while during the 501st pic, (plus right after that me and BobaFettish got to go to the front of the line in the store so we could get the figs :D) but the...
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    Webley...Rubber EE-3 Blaster

    Seeker, do we really have to tell you to weather that barrel? The guns look amazing, wish I could have fit this into my budget :(
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    CIII Boba Fett Helmet done !!

    WOW!!! That is the nicest, most amazing helmet interior I have ever seen! I can't wait to see it at C3! :D
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    Feedback from Fetts w/fiberglass armor Please

    I use velcro and I dont really recommend it. It tends to push the armor off of the vest more than you want it too. I think I'm gonna remove it all and glue the armor to the vest before C3. My $.02 P.S. My armor is sintra but I think the fiberglass would act the same in this case :D
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    *Official*how much has your costume cost you besides time...

    Well Ive gone just over $2000 now I think. Thats over the course of 4 years now though. i've gone through 2 buckets, 2 jumpsuits, 3 pairs of gauntlets, 2 pairs of boots, 3 ammo belts, and 2 girth belts. I still have the same RA armor that I bought back in 2001 though :D That's next on the...
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    My Shin Tools

    Yup I did the same thing with mine (they still arent painted yet though). Thanks a lot Brak's, that tutorial is great!!
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    ESB Boba V1.0

    Looks amazing!! Can't wait to see more of it! :D
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    Armor Vest Back Detail?

    This sounds like the most reasonable to me. After so much time with all the weight of the jet pack putting stress on them, the seams must have ripped and the rest just happened from there. It almost looks to me like you can see the seams at the very top of the rips, but I can't really tell.
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    Photoshop help

    You can also use the extract tool under the filter menu. Quick mask and a layer mask would also work well, depends on the shape and complexity of the image.
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    My cod is sinking! Abandon ship!

    Personaly I used velcro to secure the cod to my jumpsuit so that it would not slide down. Works wonders :D
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    Check out my Metal Rocket

    Hey bothanspy Thanks a lot. I figured it belonged to a member here but wasnt sure who. Can't wait to get it :D
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    Check out my Metal Rocket

    I just managed to aquire this piece on eBay for a steal price and wanted to show it off. I'll post some more pics and see just how accurate it is when I actually recieve it :D
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    Can ANYONE make rangefinder displays

    I may be in for one of these, I'll have to check :D Also Hyperdyne, do you still ahve the servo setup available? If so, how much?