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    For Sale Fettinator Industries consolidated sales thread

    Just ordered a beacon light
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    Remote Rangefinder Setup

    Sweet! Thank you!
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    Remote Rangefinder Setup

    Does anyone have a link to how to setup Salamanderking's latest remote rangefinder servo. I forgot he said don't hit the red setup button and have totally screwed mine up. I have the owners manual and tried what it says but it has not been very helpful. I've also checked out all of his...
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    Took home 1st Place at Con Saturday

    Looks Great! Congratulations!
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    501st Approved!!

    Looks like i Kneed (see what I did there) to change them then
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    501st Approved!!

    After several years of work and thousands of dollars my ESB Boba Fett was approved for the 501st! I could not have done this without all the help, guidance, and suppliers available on this site. A very heartfelt Thank You to all of you. May the Fett be with you!
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    General First Con Completed - Level3Fett

    Looks good!! Can't wait to see it in person someday!
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome aboard
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    Iwata Eclipse air problems

    Might have a little bit of dried paint in the air valve, or a bad air valve. My eclipse started doing that. Took it apart, cleaned it and put a tiny bit of airbrush lube on it and it fixed it. After you lube it, I would definitely spray a cupful or two of thinner through it to make sure...
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    Mythosaur in marble

    Thank you! Still working on refining some of the skills
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    Mythosaur in marble

    Just playing around with the airbrush tonight. Not perfect but getting closer to how I want it to look.
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    Boba Fett Gi

    My new Boba Fett Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi showed up today!
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    For Sale Jet Pack hooks and clips

    Just recieved mine today, they look great! Thank you!
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    Welcome. Where at in Oklahoma?
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    For Sale Jet Pack hooks and clips

    PM sent