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    New promotional Pre-pro Fett pic from 1981

    You have any luck mate?
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    My little trooper.

    Lucky little bugger, that looks fantastic. :thumbsup:
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    501st Sticks it to Weinstein, 2 versions of FanBoys to be released!

    Just to clarify, according to the legion "big wigs" ( PR officer etc) the 501st is behind NO protest or boycott. Whilst some members of the 501st and other groups have spoken out against the Weinsteins (diabolical) treatment of this film , the 501st itself has distanced itself from any and...
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    Costume Contest at (11/30 deadline)

    Much like most of their updates/info. :facepalm
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    Sci-fi pronunciation? :)

    Is Leia pronounced Lee-ah or lay-ah? My wife and I pronounce it as the latter with regards to our daughter.
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    I'm in the page 71 Star Wars insider dec 2007

    Nice one!! :) Incidently whats on the cover? Only I need to check a few things out as it seems the UK version is 30 pages an issue thinner :angry Many thanks and congrats on your appearance, oh and I loved the fan film.
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    LATER friends On the TDH

    I couldn't agree more. I have complained to the mods about this, including naming names ,on several occasions over the last couple of years and either excuses were made or the pm's were ignored completely. It does seem quite evident that despite what some of the mods are saying on the boards...
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    Greatest Football Player of all Time

    Good call :thumbsup:
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    R.I.P my dog "Sarge", i loved you and you will be missed.

    Oh man , Im sorry to hear that mate. :cry I'll be on line tomorow morning if you want a chat , you know the addy and the time. Take it easy bud, talk to you soon.
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    Retiring Heroes of The Dented Helmet Administration

    Thanks guys, you have all done an outstanding job. This place would not be the same without the effort you have put in .:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    Custome mando Idea

    PM sent :facepalm
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    Aussie Bly going Mando'a.

    Hi Curt mate how ya doing. Watch your back in here ;)
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    Custome mando Idea

    Yeah, I noticed that also. Does seem kinda strange that the colour scheme/design is quite as similar as it is. Just to compare: This is Vaders pets design, scroll up for callistas. Judge for yourselves people. -Edit Updated bad URL
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    Dented Helmet coin

    I'm liking that :D :thumbsup:
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    Official POLL - TDH Coin

    All I can see is a lovely red cross for the first pic :facepalm As for the rest, I would go for No 1.:thumbsup: