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    Check out my sweet butt...

    Could you also send us that template as well? Thanks! :)
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    Krylon Fusion

    Well I just thought I would post this information here. There is a new paint out by Krylon that is called Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic. It doesn't require any sanding or priming and it sticks to plastic. It is supposed to dry in 15 minutes or less. This link has several different...
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    J kids ESB bucket, (finished)

    W:eek:W!!! That is definately one of the best ESB helmets we've ever seen. Heres a question for you, how did you do the weathering? Did you draw on the damage like some do? Keep up the Great work man. :)
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    Rifle From Scratch?

    I didn't want to start a new thread for this so I thought I would post it here. If anyone out there is thinking of making a scratchbuilt ESB blaster, but don't know what base gun to use, this site should be able to help you out. Near the bottom is a toy gun labeled (2) 11" 44 Magnum Handguns...
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    Official: Painting Your Jet Pack

    We happen to have a set of ESB decals. Check this thread for more details. :D Oh and about the rocket, we aren't one hundred percent sure but we doubt that is the way it is supposed to be. We're pretty sure it is supposed to be circular but we're not positive. Hope this helps. :)
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    Materials to make a Jet pack.

    You must be talking about the Build Your Own Boba Fett website. Here is the link. The diagram is in the Jet Pack section. Hope this helps. :)
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    Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    WOW! :eek: That looks great so far phantom. Can't wait to see the finished piece. Keep us updated. :)
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    The making of an ESB/MSH-1 FINALLY FINISHED PICS!!!

    AWESOME job Steve! :eek::thumbsup: You have an excellent eye for detail. You make us want to repaint our helmet and try out some of your techniques. Keep up the Great work! :)
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    Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    That is definately a Great ESB blaster. :thumbsup: Hope our scratch built blaster looks as good when we are finished. :) Keep up the Great work.
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    Boba Toe Spikes / Any quick - Over the counter solutions???

    This thread shows how TK409 made his own shoes and toe spikes. He has a minitutorial of how he did it and he mentions what he used. Hope this helps. :)
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    Official Completed Blaster Show Off Thread

    Pics work for me and it looks Great! :thumbsup: Great Job! :)
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    Anyone here do physical battle damage to Sintra armor?

    Ok, what we did is we got our heatgun and applied the heat to the BACK of the armor. The reason you want to put the heat on the back is because when we did it, the heatgun made the sintra all textured. :confused We basically found anything and everything that looked about like what we wanted...
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    BatNinja\'s New **IMPROVED** Ammo Belt

    That is just Awesome Batninja! :thumbsup: We wish we had your skills. We know you said it is just plain brown vinyl but do you have any more info on what it is like a number? Also, how much did you buy to make everything? Keep up the Great work man. :)
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    My First Bucket

    Awesome job!! :thumbsup: You got serious painting skills. We just got to know how you did the scratches. Keep up the great work. :)
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    ESB Fett shoulder color?

    Well we painted ours but we don't like the color and it needs to be repainted. :facepalm This thread is for the AoSW costume but I'm sure the colors are fairly similar. The first post has all the different floquil paints used on the real suit...