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    Hydra's Armorer Build

    Amazing work!!!
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    Blaster ESB EE-3 Sling- Tutorial

    Thanks for the advise!!! Saludos,
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    WIP aussie jango fett.

    Very good work!!! Congratulations Cheers, Leo
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    Hello from New Mexico

    Welcome Hermano, Saludos desde Argentina, Greetings from Argentina.
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    sidewinder Blaster on its way/build started

    Very nice!!!!! Leo
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    Bo Katan A little side project for a friend...Bo Katan

    Awesome, Amazing job dear Cruzer!!!!!!!!! Leo
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    Who will serve you? An important 501st vote.

    Thank you very much for your explanation Andrews!!!!! Leo
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    Who will serve you? An important 501st vote.

    Done, Good luck Bob:thumbsup: Leo
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    Ammo Belt Batninja Style Scratchbuild: Real Leather

    lonewolf It's really a fantastic person, congratulations on your work!! Leo
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    ESB Cape Template and Measurements

    Thank you so much Rafalfett for the tutorial!!!!! As always, I love the details in their work!!!!! Leo
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    Exploring the inside of the Rangefinder (possible found part alert!)

    Amazing info Rafalfett, as always!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Leo
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    TripleD's GMH #210 ROTJ style

    Very nice work, congratulations!!!!!! Leo
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    Superjedi's GMH as ESB for Lucksy31

    superjedi just AMAZING, I love all the details in your works, you become in master piece, thanks for show us this helmet. Leo