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    Custom Mandalorian Custom Mando Helmet Bondo

    This is going to be my first helmet, and I am going to use the rubies two piece jango, as I am on a budget. I am planning on using bondo to seal the two pieces together and hide the crack where they come together. This will be my first time using bondo, and I was wondering if I should just put...
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    Custom Mandalorian Black Flak Vest

    How expensive are we talking here? this is my first attempt at costuming, and I have a very low budget.
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    Custom Mandalorian Black Flak Vest

    Where do I get one?
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    Custom Mandalorian Mando Soft Parts

    I'm making my first Mando, and I was wondering where I could purchase the flightsuit, the vest, and possibly a cape.
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    Cusstom Mando

    This is going to be the first costume I have ever constructed, and I have a couple of questions. I have all of the armor plates, but I was wondering what kind of clothes I would wear underneath them, and how I am supposed to attach them. i was also wondering what kind of paint I should use on...