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    My repainted/upgraded MOW ESB gauntlets and Jetpack!

    Very nice work Lou, and a great reference for us newbies!!!
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    Height question for new build

    I'm hoping to avoid making the parts, although I don't mind trimming and assembling armor. I have built a sandtrooper and feel comfortable with that aspect of it. Can stock parts be trimmed down for size, or is this a "lost cause" for me?
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    Height question for new build

    I have been "lurking" around TDH for several weeks now and am planning to build an ESB Boba Fett for my wife. I am concerned however about choosing the right size parts for her. She's only 5'2" and about 115lbs. Am I going to have trouble with her size? What armor type will best fit her...
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    N00bs: What do you need for a new ROTJ costume?

    Thanks for organizing all of this! Very helpful!!!
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    TK231's ESB Jetpack build

    There's a lot of great information here Lou... Thanks for sharing!
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    FP v2 vs v3 armor

    Sounds like I may have joined TDH at the right time! Guess I will lie low until V.4 comes out...
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    ASOK CC FP MR Budget Boba Fett Helmet - Assembly and ESB Paintup

    This is a very helpful thread! What do you use to trim the visor area from the helmet?
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    Sandtrooper seeks bounty hunter

    Just want to introduce myself. I have recently completed my first build as a Sandtrooper and joined the 501st. My wife enjoyed helping me with the build and will consider letting me do a build for her as long as she can be " the coolest character ever"... so, alas, I am here to learn about the...