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    Syper's Sabine Wren W.I.P Heavy pics

    Starting this build for my wife thanks for some ideas!
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    General Finally got My 501st approval

    Awesome man welcom to the Legion! what Garrison?
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    ROTJ Boba Fett

    I have an Animefan bucket and love the thing, great price and quick production time. Personally if you want great service go with him. Nothing agianst the other guys just suggesting based on my experience.
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    JEtpack straps

    Need to change my shoulder straps to white, where is the best place to order them?
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    Molon Labe Studios ROTJ blaster

    Awesome to see you doing well here man.
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    BH-83272 on duty!

    Grats! What garrison?
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    New Boba Fett started..need advice.

    It all depends on your budget, technical ability, workspace, time frame, and patience. Look through the Cargo hold you will find listings of who makes what fairly easily. I would honestly expect to spend bottom end @$1500 up on this project. The most expensive parts tend to be the Jetpack...
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    my custom made divers buckle

    nice work.
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    General 501st APPLICATION! *PICS*

    nicely done. To fully submit you will need front, both sides, and back photos head to tow. Action shot, and a bucket off shot.
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    General Do you, or can you, sit down in your Fett?

    I think it has a lot to do with the trimming of the parts. I can not sit in my Fett at all. As for trooping Ep7 I would troop it as Fett but actually view the film in normal attire. The last thing you want is someone accidentally step on a part of your gear in the dark, or God help you if there...
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    ROTJ SE Scratch Build WIP - Advice Welcome

    This build is looking very solid man. Your knees look very good keep it up!
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    I paid $5 on eBay.
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    So how many guys wear a belaclava under the bucket, I caved and bought one since my beard is really starting to show underneath.
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    General Chest display question

    Can anyone post pics of how you have your chest display installed. I just bought a set up from fetronics and am wondering were most guys with his kits stick the battery pack I particular. My other question is does it cause the chest to sit of sided with the weight if it is tucked behind the left...
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    General Cheespa bo coopa there is a new BH on the block. 501st approved!!!

    Grats man as a newly excepted 501st guy I know the feeling. What garrison are you with I am with Neon City here in Las Vegas!