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    Dha Werda Verda

    yeah, my friend (who's not really into star wars) heard me say dha werda verda...and she started going on and on about how the swedish chef was secretly a mandalorian :lol:
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    Dha Werda Verda

    does anyone have a copy of Dha Werda Verda (aka rage of the shadow warriors) mp3 i've googled and apparently there was a copy from republic commando on the lucasarts site, but the page has since expired. i've found it on youtube, and quicktime versions playable online, but am looking for a...
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    Arden "Lucky" Fisk

    :eek: wow, everything from the concept art to the actual mando is...:eek: very impressive, can't wait to see the concept art come to life...more pictures please! :thumbsup:
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    Belt Leather

    I'm thinking of making a belt for my custom, and was wondering what people use for belt leather (ammo belt) i feel silly asking this, but I've never worked with leather, so i don't know if there's a special type/thickness/rigidity to use for a good belt. if i missed any tutorials/threads please...
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    Battlefront 1 & 2 weapons

    sweet picture! thanks allot :cheers
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    Battlefront 1 & 2 weapons

    has anyone made a replica of any of the weapons from the game? i was looking for reference shots of the sniper and torpedo launcher (republic/imperial style) heres a wimpy shot of the two together. the picture is kind of small, but hopefully the links will give you and idea of what I'm...
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    Mrs.slave1pilot's Femm Mando in progress

    looks awesome, great paint scheme! :thumbsup:
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    vibroswords anyone?

    i was thinking of doing "blasterfists" by making a thicker version of the stormtrooper hand guard, to install three copper tubes into, like a tri-blaster, then have some wires running from the hand guard to the gaunt (power source)...i'll post pics if i ever get it done :p vibroknuckles...
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    WOW :eek: those are some amazing suits! does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the shroud/wrap-around portion of the helmet?...i was thinking of putting one on my bucket along the bottom portion of the strip that runs around the helmet...i should draw something up, my rambling...
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    has anyone seen the Vader armor on the star wars shop site? the reason why i brought this up is because,'s awesome, and second, i was wondering if anyone has done, or thought of doing a Samurai themed Mando...or incorporated any other form of "earth based" armor?
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    My custom blaster

    ok here are some more pics after i painted the handle, and weathered a little let me know what you all think, thanks :cheers
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    My custom blaster

    what kind of weathering would you guys suggest? the gun's black so a black wash is out... :lol: i am going to paint the textured part of the grip brown or something similar, to look like a wood finish. i'll post some more pictures after i paint the grip and figure out what i'm going to do as...
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    My custom blaster

    here's a blaster pistol that I've been working on for awhile originally it was just a multi-colored cap gun, then i gave it a simple coat of silver paint...i wasn't very happy with the results. i then thought of how my Mando would use it (a weapons back-story :lol:) then i decided the...
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    My latest project

    those are looking awesome! :thumbsup: i always love a good build-up progress thread...Mmmmm :love
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    McQuarrie white backpack

    It's not very big but here's some concept art i found googling hope it helps :thumbsup: