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    Jodo Kast My Jodo Kast

    It was a commissioned model based off a bunch of references that I 3d printed and painted up :) Though I'd probably model it myself these days now that I can do that stuff lol.
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    Jodo Kast My Jodo Kast

    Guess I never posted the final pictures! Replaced the knee armor with smaller ones, this is my only picture with it though... Armor is almost entirely aluminum. The gauntlets are resin with metal darts and stuff, and a welded aluminum flamethrower. Flight...
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    Dengar chest armor

    i got mine from Troopermaster
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    Other Bounty Hunter ConvergenceProps: SW 1313 Boba Fett

    Saw this bad boy in person at FanExpo Boston. It's SUPER sexy! Great job!
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    Dengar ESB Dengar WIP

    Having fun with this at conventions and my 501st buddies! I need to remake the balaclava as I have wear issues over time... but so far so good!
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    Gauntlet Switches, Buttons, and Greeblies?

    Thanks! Your link didn't work but I found it here in case anyone else is looking:
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    Gauntlet Switches, Buttons, and Greeblies?

    I'm assembling some ROTJ-style gauntlets for a Jodo Kast build. I have a bit of wiggle room because he's a comic representation, but I'd like to use roughly the same switches and buttons as the original ROTJ Fett used. I've found switches for the flamer, and the red LED on the back of the left...
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    Dengar ESB Dengar WIP

    Submitted for 501st Approval: Full approval album: Dengar for 20466
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    Dengar ESB Dengar WIP

    Been working on this a couple of months now, almost ready to submit for 501st approval Pistol Just sorting the backpack out. I've padded out the belt pouches to make it look less lame
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    Jodo Kast The Notorious Jodo Kast: Reapwind WIP

    Those are amazing! Love watching your thread :)
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    For Sale Bigdane Jetpack harness kit

    Interested in next run, keep us updated :)