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    For Sale Quality Jetpack harness kit

    Got my package a few days ago. Box was beat up but everything was ok in it.
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    TK/TS/DZ-50175 Boba Fett ESB WIP

    Awesome thread, have a good 2017
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    BH-921 reactivated

    Awesome, still looking bad *****!!!
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    LostDreams build. Buying isn't as easy as one may think!

    Looks good so far, happy holidays!
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    first look at the ANOVOS ESB Fett helmet!

    Verbal21, how was the fit? Looks decent.
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    I'm approved!! ROTJ Boba

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    Mike's ESB Build

    Man that looks awesome,can't wait to see the next set of photos.
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    Took home 1st Place at Con Saturday

    Congrats sir! Happy holidays.
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    RS ROTJ build

    Great progress, the hard work is paying off! Love the plates.
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    BobaKen's ESB WIP Update Jan 24th

    Looking bada$$! DVH / @darthVorhees is the man.
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    Boba fett esb continues

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    501st around Houston?

    Good luck!
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    Custom Cosplay Armor Commissions

    Cool, will check it out. - - - Updated - - - Do you custom order?
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    Samurai Jango Helmet

    Looks like a cool bucket.