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  1. Rogermaximus
    Rogermaximus CombatBaby
    Sounds good so I’ll add 30 to the total and pay if that’s ok with you
  2. Rogermaximus
    Rogermaximus CombatBaby
    Do you offer a painted ready to go version
    1. CombatBaby
      In the past, I had done a few ready to mount onto gauntlets and just asked for an additional $30 and 1 week on the build time just so I had time for paint to dry and inspection before shipping.
      Jul 16, 2018 at 9:05 AM
  3. xAJ 187
    xAJ 187 tubachris85x
    Hello! Anyway we can talk about the montross costume?
    1. tubachris85x
      Shoot me a message on facebook- email is
      Jul 15, 2018 at 6:15 AM
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    2. xAJ 187
      xAJ 187
      I sent you a email
      Jul 15, 2018 at 8:30 PM
  4. DannyBoy7783
    DannyBoy7783 Arkady
    Hello, I'm interested in a flight suit, vest, and neck seal. Taking orders at all right now?
  5. Josiah Chait
    Josiah Chait Wasted Fett
    Hi there! I'd like to buy a set of ROTJ gauntlets
    1. Wasted Fett
      Wasted Fett
      Please send all inquiries in a PM.
      Jul 12, 2018 at 7:12 PM
  6. Mauri
    Mauri Cruzer
    Couldn´t continue the conversation because my content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements hahaha

    I´m thin and a bit strong (not so stocky)... If you need a photo I can send you...

    Thanks for all!!
  7. Mauri
    Mauri Cruzer
    Hi Lorenzo! Glad to hear that!

    I’m 87 kg, 185 cms tall and the waist circumference is about 97cms (38,3 inches)...
  8. Gionny
    I'm trying to sell stuff lol
  9. Gionny
    Does anyone have a link to LED lights for a ranger finder?
  10. Maverick1255
    Maverick1255 GRINCH
    Just wanted to say Hi! Since we are both working on a Jango and are relatively close to each other. Now it is just a waiting game for all the parts to start showing up as they are completed. Later, Jeff
  11. clown3y
  12. hvacdon
    Over Worked !!
  13. fettscarbonite
    fettscarbonite WhiteShadow
    Hello, I would love to order one of your helmet liners, version 2, if they are still available. Thanks.
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    2. WhiteShadow
      PM sent
      Jun 27, 2018
  14. Josiah Chait
    Josiah Chait 22ssplt
    Hi there new to the site, am interested in the raw kit for $350.
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    2. 22ssplt
      I emailed you
      Jun 27, 2018
  15. kokkari
    kokkari Wasted Fett
    Hi New member. I would like 1 of your FPH2 ESB helmets. Do you have any available
  16. bojaGun
    BojaGun - very good for REAL PART! Original AM Plug, Original METAL Dental Files, Original Casio MQ-1 & More
  17. BobaArce
    BobaArce Bigdane
    do you know where I can find the buckle US Divers co ?
    More thanks!

    1. Bigdane
      I belive metalfeff has some
      Jun 23, 2018
  18. Jango addie
    Jango addie
    Looking to find leather top piece for outfit
  19. shellmarb
    shellmarb Sandman
    Hi Sandman,
    Do you still make the Boushh helmet kits? I’m interested in getting one.

  20. Lynn TXP 0369
    Lynn TXP 0369 Dark Steve
    HI, I did some digging on what the Fettronics lights are. They are the Rafalfett Sequence
    If you want them $55 USA shipped to pp
  21. Lezztrooper
    Lezztrooper WhiteShadow
    Hello, I would love to order one of your helmet liners, version 2, if they are still available. Thank you :)
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    2. WhiteShadow
      PM sent
      Jun 19, 2018
  22. boba87fett
    boba87fett Sidewinder
    Hi Sidewinder, I was wondering if you have any info about where I can find the braces for the bottom of the visor? Thanks, Steven
  23. TKOK
    TKOK WhiteShadow
    Do you still have any of the version 2 foam inserts with dome left? If so, I'd like to grab one -- this would be shipping to Edmond, Oklahoma
    1. WhiteShadow
      PM sent
      Jun 19, 2018
  24. Rogermaximus
    Rogermaximus johnnymac
    How much for the webley
  25. Rogermaximus
    Rogermaximus MachineCraft
    Would you consider 1500 for the Webley