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  1. jawafive
    jawafive syllander
    is the ESB jumpsuit still available? my email is wouldn't mind chatting about it.
  2. Zom0898
    Still hunting greeblies!
  3. Dark Steve
    Dark Steve Arkady
    Hi Arkady I'm interested in a ESB Boba Fett flight suite & soft parts for a new build. Are you taking orders now?
  4. DrJones
    DrJones Bigdane
    I am interested in a jet pack harness and a divers buckle if you have one. Thanks.
  5. Dark Steve
    Dark Steve Wasted Fett
    Hi New member. I would like 1 of your FPH2 ESB helmets. Do you have any ready to ship? Thanks Steve
  6. bobawomble
    Making good use of the things that I find, the things that the everyday folk leave behind
  7. CannonFodder347
    CannonFodder347 salamanderking
    Your Servo kits work with FPH2 stalks?
  8. RedBeard
    RedBeard toolguy301
    does your flamethrower assembly on shape ways come in pieces for easier painting, or is it one piece?
  9. RedBeard
    RedBeard jbdubz
    are you taking orders for sidearm holsters or is there run I need to wait for? Thanks!
  10. RedBeard
    RedBeard woodman
    Do you have ESB horse hair braids and girth belts available? If so, how much?
  11. Stormmauer
    Stormmauer woodman
    Hello, Im looking for a ESB Cape and Braids. I've looked around and you seem to be the guy to talk to! Would you mind helping me out?

  12. Boba Fettish
    Boba Fettish
    Searching for Boba/Jango Fett Helmet(s) to buy
  13. Boba Fettish
    Boba Fettish Wasted Fett
    FPH2 ESB Prototype helmets in Gelcoat/Fiberglass
    Interested in your helmet.
    What is the estimated delivery time and shipping costs to The Netherlands?
    Tnxx for your effort
  14. siman
    siman jbdubz
    hey buddy I'm also looking for a HIC front
  15. RhinoActual
    RhinoActual Viper
    I will give you 750 for the Bobamaker SE Helmet: Autographed by Boba Fett himself
  16. Superkawaiifett
    Superkawaiifett FlyingFett
    I have the same helmet as you almost finished painting mine I can do it for you for literally half the price everyone else is charging you .
  17. RingoFett
    RingoFett Major
    Hi Major, could you pm me
  18. CannonFodder347
    Trying to start a ESB Boba Fett.. but damn if this seems ridiculously hard so far.
  19. CannonFodder347
    Trying to start a ESB Boba Fett.. but damn if this seems ridiculously hard so far.
  20. Cruzer
    Please send me a personal message
  21. csedor619
    csedor619 Cruzer
    Hi! I'm looking into putting together a Jango costume and I hear you make amazing kits - can I ask, how much do you charge for a full set of armor? Specifically, I'm looking for:

    Belt/ammo belt
    Lower leg

    Do you make all those pieces?
    Thank you!
  22. ZaineRichards
    ZaineRichards Raizo Fett
    Hey there, I have been looking around for a boba fett helmet and after going on reddit your name was suggested on the list of people who paint and sell fett helmets, I am interested in purchasing one possibly, please email me at

  23. Zom0898
    the word of the day is research!
  24. RedBeard
    RedBeard Major
    I want to get your ESB gauntlets, but I need to know if it'll fit. My forearm is 14" near the elbow and 9" at the wrist.
  25. RedBeard
    RedBeard intwenothor
    Is the scope still available?
    1. intwenothor
      yes. still available
      Feb 15, 2018